Skateboarding is one of the most popular sports of the modern time. The entire skateboarding phenominah started just a few decades back with early skateboarding pioneers like Tony Hawk who now have become living legends.


Within such a small period of time it has emerged to be one of most popular game of the sports world. This has occurred mainly because of the thrilling and adventurous experience of riding a skateboard.

However, skateboarding is much more difficult than experienced riders make it seem. Skateboarding takes a lot of practice and physical durability. The good news is everyone who puts in the time and practice can become talented and skilled at riding a skateboard. It is much like the experience most people go through when learning to ride a bicycle. Most of us are lousy in the beginning and wreck alot.

For some crazy reason, young kids seem to handle failure better than teenageres and adults. It is a terrible way to go through life, but it is the way most people in society endure.

When you were a kid, what was going to stop you from learning how to ride a bicycle?

NOTHING, right?

When you crased, what did you do? You got back on the bike!

Like most sports skateboarding isn’t cheap to get into. It is not like buying the best basketball. A qualtiy basketball can be bought for less than $40, but for a quality skatebord you are normally going to have to invest a minimum of $90.00


Because of these two factors, many young people don’t attempt to participate in this game of skateboarding. It is like anything else, if you really want it bad enough, you can find a way. If money is an issue, you can find good deals on used skateboards on eBay.

Many American teenagers are madly drawn towards skateboarding and slowly this trend has spread all over the world.

As we have already shared, skateboarding requires an investment of time and practice, and money. The gear for skateboarding when you think about board, helmet, pads, etc can add up quickly. So again, many times it just comes down to how bad do you want it?

You can buy complete ready to roll skateboards, or you can buy pieces and put together your own board if you are so inclined. A skateboard consists of three main parts, the skateboards decks, skateboard truck and the wheels.

Each of these parts has an important and unique role in skateboarding. If you are interested in skateboarding and want to join the skateboarding world, then you must know several things about the game and the skateboards.

The main material needed for skateboarding is the skateboard itself. While buying the parts of skateboards, always try to go for the parts provided by the world class manufacturers. You may invest more on the front end, but when you buy skateboards from them, you will get the guarantee of safety and good performance.

We suggest that new skateboarders start with a board like Tony Hawks birdhouse brand that is complete and ready to go out of the box.


The skateboard deck is the first most important part of a skateboard, look for the skateboards which have the best balance and grip. If the balance of the skateboard is not proper, you cannot surf properly.

The boards with good grips helps to remain attached with the board. There are chances to fall if you buy a board which does not have a good grip. If you own a board now, that doesn’t have a good grip, you can learn how to install grip tape to a skateboard here.

Next is the truck of the skateboard, this helps to connect between the deck and the wheels. This part has to bear the total weight of the skateboarder, so it has to be very strong and also flexible.

The last and most part of the skateboard is the skate wheel. A good wheel will help to get maximum speed and a smooth ride.

The best way to know about the skateboards and also skateboarding is to consult with an expert professional skateboarder or study the magazines related to skateboarding. We feature several educational skateboard articles here at as well.

Professional skateboarders can provide you with the best information about the game and also about the parts of the skateboards. You can also get important suggestions from them about the stores from where you should buy the skateboard parts and also what type of parts to use.

Do not attempt this game without proper education and training. Skateboarding requires immense physical fitness and training and you must get all sorts of training from reliable sources before attempting this game.

There is an old saying that the Success starts with the first step. You found this article you have read it till the end, congratulations, you have takent the first step! So what is the next step? We hope you will check out some of the other articles here and start the self-education process on this wonderful and exillirating sport.

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