The answer is both yes and no. More and more people are looking for exciting and fun wasy to get exercise and possibly lose a few pounds. Skating is Fun! Pole Dancing is Fun! Peddleboating is Fun! There are a lot of fun things you can do that beat ths heck out of walking on a traeamill! Skateboarding isn’t the fastest choice to burn calories to help you lose fat but it can quickly spice up a workout regimen that otherwise might be a bit dull.

The normal individual can burn up to 300-600 calories by skating constantly for an hour. This precise repetition of motion can increase strenth and your over all metabolism. For overweight and obesity, many people find that having fun on a skateboard was the motivation they needed to get them started on the development of other healthy life habits.

Don’t full yourself. There is more to losing weight that having fun on a skateboard a few hours every week. If you consider skate bording as the only lifestyle addtion needed for losing weight than you might be wrong. It has been a great starting point for many people, but obviously sleep and diet are two main factors to also focus on.


If you sleep on an average of 8-9 hours it not only reduces the level of stress from your body but it makes your body look good and healthy for the next day and increases your life expectancy it also reduces the risk of your medical condition. According to latest research if you sleep more than 9hrs and less than 6hrs it not only affects your skin and makes it look dull but it also can add extra pounds on your frame.


Of course diet plays its part if you intake considerable amount of calories in your body it helps your body function as well as it helps your health “The ground work of all happiness is health”. If your intake is lower than your burn rate it means you lose weight. There are several types of diet plan that you can follow and get the immediate results and you can also create your own plan, but exercise shoud be part of the plan.

The history of skate boarding skating is the act of driving and executing tricks using the skatebord. For some people in some cultures it is not only a recreational activity but also a menas of transportation.

It may be recreational activity, a work, or a method of transport.

Skateboarding engages all your muscle and burns your calories, so it is beneficial to your body, Don’ ‘t expect over night results though. Just riding a skate board is less intense than a treadmill. If you are performing skateboard tricks in the street the act of jumping and flipping your board will obviously burn more calories.

The number one benefit of skateboarding is its fun.

Skateboarding seems to bring things into perspective and allows you to feel as though you’re more in control of other aspects of your life. In addition, skating helps you feel more relaxed in general, when you’ve conquered new tricks like hand rails, concrete bowls, and stair sets. Success as a skateboarder has a positive impact on other aspect of your life.

While no specific food is magical bullet for weight loss, there are specific nutrients that will help you reach weight-loss goals. Most of these nutrients included as section of weight-loss diet get a couple of feelings in common: They are higher at fiber (which helps make you experiencing fuller longer) and have a low energy density­­—meaning that you can eat decent-sized portion without overdoing it on calories.

 Successful weight loss involves long term modification to eating habits and physical action. This means you need to get weight loss the way you will adopt for living. You are not expected to have whatever diet you want and then get back to normal routine. “Diet is not for a certain period of time rather it’s about changing your eating habits” .

Skate boards are really common among children of age 5 to 25. Skateboards should never be stay applied on local streets. It could be dangerous even for experienced ones. one who knows about the safety measurements could reduce the risk of serious injuries. The following are recommendation from NSC regarding how to begin right: although scooters have existed about since the 1950s, these common original scooter are frequently made of light metal, weighing less than 10 pounds. They have rapidly grown in popularity and are the reason of increasingly emergency area visits. Welfare officials have seen the striking change in soccer-related accidents and injuries.

 Skateboarding is not as easy as it looks. We always have watched those cartoon characters and teenagers riding their skate board like pro

As we know

The history of skateboarding is the act of driving and executing tricks using the skate.


The person who skateboards often is referred as skateboarder, or colloquially within the skateboarding group, the jock. Sliding think likewise: Slides(skateboarding) sliding is the most powerful braking method for fall skateboarders. It allows the athlete to decrease his pace much more rapidly than foot braking, but involves a border field dependent on his ability to keep the move. It has also developed into its personal field of skateboarding, with passengers performing different tricks and rotation while slipping.

The powerful belief of skate

A modern longboard (or skateboard with longer wheelbase) will easily travel at 10MPH, with a small amount of preparation they will control and end ,to as many bicycles. Skateboarding is a good physical process. Skate are cheap to buy but negligible to repair. Change on and off of public transport is the air and skateboards can easily store at home, business or education. They represent the ideal kind of transportation for those trips are to far to go but to stop to justify going on the motorcycle or in the car.

 According to the latest research the skateboard industry in market is increasing at the rate of 3.1CAGR it is expected to grow to almost 2.7 billion in the future. In north America almost 3 billion dollars’ worth skate boards are sold every year skateboard industry may not be growing as fast as textile or fashion industry but in the coming future it will be a common use in daily lives as government’s all over the world appeal to avoid using cars and motor bike for the safety of civilians and nature. It was also expected to be in Olympic (which is to be held in Tokyo, Japan) 2020 where it will make its debut in Ariake Urban Sports park. However due to coronavirus the Olympic will be held in japan in 2021 after the vaccine is discovered/produced.



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