Skateboard wax is a common accessory that experienced skaters carry around, when its applied to a curb or rail it makes it easier to grind along them with much less friction.



If you are a beginner skateboarder & budget is an issue any wax will work, you can get blocks of paraffin wax at most grocery stores or even use a candle stick. Really hard wax can be a pain in the rear end to rub on. Many times it will want to crumble instead of spreading so some people melt it down and mix in a little oil to make a softer wax.

When I first started out I used paraffin wax I bought at are local grocery store cheap. I got tired of it crumbling on me. For my birithday I asked for skateboard wax, and got a couple of different brands from relatives.

Honestly, I could tell a difference and skateboard wax was much easier to apply. I will never go back to candles & paraffin, but if you are just starting out, it is cool to start with them.

If budget is not a major issue, then we suggest that you invest in skateboard wax designed for boards. It is softer, and easier to apply.

In all honestly, the scateboard wax you use, is kind a reflection of your personal style, and the way you roll. Example most of the stoner skateboarders I know roll with Dime Bag Hardware. My friends that think life has given them a bad deal and they see themselves as a victim of their circumstances …… most all carry Hardluck MFG.

When you meet a new skatebaorder for the first time, you can tell alot about them, by the wax they carry. Bones Rat attracts serious, competivie, skatbaorders. So to each their own, their is a place in skateboarding for everyone and everybody.


The Best Skateboard Wax 2020


Most experienced skateboarder will agree that the best overall skateboard wax is the Bones Rat Wax. Bones Rat Skate Wax is great for an aggressive style skating on skates, scooters, and skateboards. This is because it has a unique wax blend that maximises slide-ability and has an extremely long-lasting lifespan for its price.

Below is a feature article on the best skateboard wax for easy grinding and sliding on street curbs and rails at parks. You should consider factors such as the size of it, because you want it to be small enough to carry around in your pocket.

When I first started out I carried a candle stick in my sock, and yes it screemed newbie 🙂 Some Skaters make their own wax, this is something I never tried, but the video below will show you step-by-step how to make your own Skateboard wax.





How we determined the Best Value in Skateboarding wax


When it comes to skateboard wax you’re not going to spend a ton of money, but these waxes are of high quality and though the price might seem high for the amount of wax you get, but this is not your average candlewax.

So as we said earlier if you are a beginning skater and budget is and issue, there is nothing wrong with starting out carrying a candle in your sock. If you are a newbie you can always ask for wax for your birthday or whatever. that is what I did.


Wax is designed to break down and is not a durable product however as far as skateboard wax varieties are concerned the wax in these products is of very high durability and also is designed to accumulate nicely and be able to be taken off or stripped as well. Wax that crumbeles like commons candle wax is a pain in the butt.

How long it lasts

This is mainly based on the ingredients, but you don’t want to be throwing it away after waxing up a couple ledges. do you?

How well it waxes up a ledge or rail

This is important. Let’s face it, there is alot of “COOL LOOKING” but junky waxes in the skateboard community that won’t last anytime.

Additional Features

Of course there is nothing about a skating wax that will help you become a better skater, that takes practice, and alot of it. The right skateboard wax will help you grind and keep the bottom of your board from being scratched up as much.

Some waxes perform better in hot weather, and other in cold. But a good quality wax is a good quality wax and will perform well in all weather conditions.

We feel the waxes listed below offer the best value for the money. You really can’t go wrong with an of these skatebaord waxes.

#1 Bones Rat Skateboard Wax Cup



The best all-round skateboard wax on the market today is the Bones Rat Wax. Bones Rat Wax is a great For an aggressive style skating on skates, scooters and skateboards.

Bones Rat has a unique wax blend that maximises slide-ability and it has an extremely long-lasting lifespan due its wax blend construction.

This  wax makes any surface slippery thus enabling to slide smoother. Overall the Bones Rat Wax is an excellent choice when it comes to a great wax for street skating in any weather conditions.      


#2 Element Skateboards Nyjah Huston Crown Gold Skate Wax

There has been more buzz around this skateboard wax than any that has ever hit the market. I have not tested it out yet, but based upon the feedback I have recieved from dozens of skateboarders I respect, I had to place this wax on the list. I have a huge stock of Bones Rat, but when my stock gets low, I am going to try this out. I have just had too many exprienced skateboarders that I respect tell me I must.

Not sure if you can grind it? Slap some wax on it and find out! This skate wax by Element is specifically made to reduce friction on grinding surfaces like rails, curbs, ledges, or wherever else you shred. Reduce the damage done to your board and nail those grinds with Element Skateboards Nyjah Huston Crown Gold Skate Wax


  • One (1) Gold Element Skateboards Nyjah Huston Crown Gold Skate Wax from Element
  • Keeps curbs and rails slick for grinding
  • Reduces friction that can cause damage to your board
  • Apply directly onto curb or rail until surface is thoroughly covered


#3 Dime Bag Hardware Skateboard Curb Wax

One of the highest skateboard wax on the market today is the Dime Bag Hardware Skateboard Curb Wax.  The Triple Slick curb wax from Dime Bag Hardware is the perfect addition to any skaters must have kit.

Each piece is pocket sized, individually wrapped, and contains a free collectible sticker.  

You don’t have to be a stoner to use dime bag skateboard waz. If you’re looking for wax that’ll provide you with awesome sliding performance and other premium attributes such as a scented smell, then the Dime Bag Hardware Curb Wax is the ideal candidate for you!


#4 .Independent Curb Killer Curb Wax

An awesome pro-skateboard wax that experienced and professional skaters tend to use is the  Independent curb Killer Wax. Simply rub this stick onto the ledge to make it easier to slide and grind on. Feature

The Independent Curb Killer is a reliable wax for skating. Moreover with the price tag, the value for money is one of the best values on the market.


#5 Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Curb Wax

Many feel the best skateboard wax for street skating is the Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Curb Wax. Your local curbs are screaming to get painted in Santa Cruz’s Screaming Hand wax!

I dig the fresh Bubble gum smell and it fits in your back pocket. If you’re searching for the best wax for street skating, which can be kept in a jacket pocket, then the Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Curb Wax is your perfect product.

Moreover Santa Cruz is a reliable brand that you can trust, as they’ve been on top of the skateboard trend for over 30 years, and let’s just all admit it, the hand looks cool!

You can order your Screaming Hand Wax by Click Here

6.Hard Luck MFG Dice White Skate Wax
This skate wax by Hard Luck MFG is specifically made to reduce friction on grinding surfaces like rails, curbs, ledges, or wherever else you shred.

Reduce the damage done to your board and nail those grinds with Hard Luck MFG Dice White Skate Wax. It embossed logo graphics on top of wax with all over numerical dice dots.

Features of Hard Luck MFG Dice White Skate Wax;

Dimensions:       5 x 5 x 2 inches
Weight:       226.0 Grams
Types Of Surface To Be Used On:      plastic, metal and wood


You can’t go wrong with these 5 Scateboard Wax Brands. They are high quality and will provide you the performance you are looking for.


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