Skateboraders can invest alot of money in skateboard storage and display racks, before you do, there a few things you probably should think about before laying out a stack of cash.  We will cover those considerations for you in this review article, and we hope it helps you decide on the best way to display and store your skateboard collection.


I am sure you already know, there’s a skateboard rack for just about any need, whether your looking for a way to display and store your  “daily driver”, or you have a collection of multiple skateboards. Not sure what you need?  Let’s run through some of the more important considerations you need to consider so you can make the right decion for yourself.


The simple question is, how many boards do you own now?  How many do you think you will own within the next three years?  If you own three boards now, and you don’t see yourself investing in any more boards in the next three years or so, your decison is easy. Buy a 3 skateboard storage rack.

Capacity is the most important consideration whey buying a skateboard rack.  Does the skateboard rack you are buying  have enough capacity for your needs now and say three years in the future? Alternatively, should you purchase a rack with more capacity than the number of boards you currently own?

If you only have a single board, and anticipate buying another in the future, it might be wise to buy a three-board rack so you can store at least two boards, plus your riding gear. However, it might not make much sense to purchase a six-board rack if you only ever expect to own two skateboards.   If you are a beginning skateboarder you have one board that you love, and you are just looking for a cool way to display it in your room, respect!
You will find the skatebaord display you are looking for, so keep reading.


The material you choose is also very important if you want to match the deocr of the room where the skateboards will be displayed.   Each type of material can create a different look & features.  Plastic displays usually cost less, and can be very durable.   Wood is hard to beat as far as sytle goes, and metal can be both modern and incredibly strong. Each option brings a different look, so go with what speaks to you.   Perhaps the best option is to try to match the existing surrounding aesthetic of the room.  Honestly when I bought my first skateboard storage board it was the highlight of my bedroom.  Honestly before I invested in the display there was  not much going on in the way of an existing style in my bedroom.  However my six board display became the talk of the neighborhood, and ever kid in my school ended up seeing a picture of the cool skateboard display I had in my bedroom.  So plan accordingly and let the creativity flow.


How does the system mount? Is it wall mountable only? Can it only be mounted to the floor? What about limitations in your space itself – can you not locate a stud? Are you prohibited from mounting something to the wall if you rent?  Do you have the floor space available? These are just a few of the considerations you’ll need to make when it comes to mount type.  My friends dad had a stud finder that I borrowed so the entire mounting process was not as difficult as I thought it might be.  I just followed the simple instruction and had my display mounted and displaying my boards in less than two hours.  My buddy and I did mine one morning  after Christmas break.  I got my first six board display for Christmas several years ago.

Board Type

While all of the racks we’ve listed below can be used with just about any type of skateboard, that’s not true for all racks. Some are board style specific, meaning that if it is designed for shortboards, you cannot use it to store a longboard, and vice versa. My friend at the skatepark, Allie made this mistake.  Make sure that you buy a rack that fits your board collection and the types of boards you plan on adding  in the future.


What is the Best Skateboard Storage and Display Rack for You?

Do you Love to hit the street and skate? Whether you use a longboard to commute to your job, a penny board for fun around the neighborhood, or you pull tricks regularly at your skatepark, you’ll need somewhere to store your board when it’s not in use, right?

Sure, you can prop it against the wall in the garage or in the front hall, but what if you have more than one board?  We all know that few skateboarders only have one board – you probably have a different setup for different needs, and those boards take up room in your home.

The obvious answer is a skateboard rack. These racks are designed specifically to keep your boards organized and out of the way. We’ve searched the market and found the best skateboard racks available in the market today. Below, you’ll find a head-to-head list to make comparing your options simpler, but we also provide more in-depth reviews later in this guide.

We have already share with you some of the most important considerations to make when choosing the best skateboard rack for you.  So you should understand about capacity, mounting, material, etc, so if you have those questions answered it should make reviewing these top displays easier to find the perfect one for you.

The Skateboard Racks of 2020 Reviewed



At this point you should have good idea which one of these skateboard storage displays, you should own, don’t you?   With our quick head-to-head review, it’s time to move on to more in-depth reviews of each skateboard rack on our list. You’ll find that each brings something else to the table and pay close attention to display you feel most fits your needs.



StoreYourBoard Skateboard Rack

The most common skateboard rack on our list, StoreYourBoard’s all-black rack is stylish and modern. Made from ABS plastic and featuring I-beam construction, it’s also very durable. If you have hear hanging out at the skatepark that plastic racks suck,  because you think they’re not as durable as other options, not this rack!

This rack offers plenty of strength and durability. It gives you several options,  and can hold your boards and boarding gear if you only have one or two boards. The rack offers the ability to store up to three boards, or a combination of boards and skateboard riding helmets & gear. The system is designed to mount to the wall, and requires only a few screws to anchor in place. The two uprights can be positioned as close to or as far from one another as you like, allowing you to create a custom storage solution for your boards.  The last time I looked it was less than $25.00 on Amazon so you could probably buy it today and have it displayed on your wall in four or five days.

212 Main Wooden Angle Skateboard Display Rack

The 212 Main display offers all-wood construction and it’s simple design will just look awesom on your wall. The wooden pegs can easily hold helmets or boards (and your other riding gear). The 212 Main wooden angle skateboard display rack is designed to mount to your wall, and requires just two screws – one at the top and one at the bottom. For the best security and stability, it is recommended that the anchor screws be embedded in a wall stud, or that sheetrock anchors be used to ensure stability.  My buddy Jimmy Boy bought a pack of anchor screws when he bought his board.  He ordered his on Amazon and we had it on his wall 4 days after he placed his order.  The frame and dowels are all made from solid birch for long lasting beauty and performance, and the edges have all been sanded for a very professional look. This rack offers enough space for four boards (of any length/width) or a combination of boards and riding gear. Note that boards can be stored with or without trucks and wheels. Jimmy Boy has a longbord and his regular bord displayed along with some gear.

Skateboard/Snowboard Longboard Floor Display Rack

If you have the floor space in your room where you will be displaying your boards, this may be your best best. Designed and manufactured in Colorado, The Pro skateboard /snowboard / longboard display rack is designed to work with just about any type of board you might have.

Whether you’re a dedicated penny boarder, a snowboarder, or you love to cruise downhill on your longboard, this rack offers you the mean to get your gear up out of the way and to display it in an attractive way.

This system is designed to sit on the floor, so there is no need to hang anything on your walls. That makes it perfect for apartments or other areas where wall-mounting might not be ideal. It also fits together very easily – one crossbar at the top and bottom is all that’s necessary to install. The Pro can handle up to seven boards at a time, with or without trucks and wheels. Note that this is a floor-based system, so you will need enough open floor space for it, but if you have the space, this is a great choice.

StoreYourBoard Longboard Wall Rack

The StoreYourBoard Wall Rack is designed primarily for use with longboards – there’s more than ample room for up to three of them on this storage system. Like the regular wall rack, this one is made from heavy-duty ABS plastic with I-beam construction for outstanding strength and durability. It requires very little to install – just two screws per upright and you’re on your way. All the mounting hardware you need is included, too. Don’t need storage for three boards? Then you know what to do,  you can hang your skateboard helmet and other riding gear from the unused pegs.  As we perviously mentioned, while this system is designed primarily with longboards in mind it can actually fit just about anything you might have, all the way down to the smallest penny boards. It will also fit all of your boards with or without the wheels and trucks, making it a great solution for works in progress, or completed boards.

Pro Board Racks Longboard Wall Rack Mount

Love the way a longboard performs? Itching to get your cruise on? If so, the Pro Board Racks Longboard Wall Rack gives you the perfect storage space you need for a longboard. It can hold up to five boards, and you’ll find that even monsters fit within its slots easily. You can store boards with or without trucks and wheels, and keep them out of the way and protected. This rack is also designed and manufactured in Colorado, making it a proud product made in the  USA. It’s made from 100% southern redwood for outstanding durability.   This rack is SOLID,  thick wood that will stand the test of time and look great for many years to come. It measures a full 47 inches from tip to tip, and requires just a few minutes to mount to your wall. The manufacturer also includes all your mounting hardware. Note that the wood is sanded, but not stained. You can use it natural, or you can stain it or paint it if you choose to.

Bamboo Skateboard Wall Rack

Simplicity has its perks, and the COR bamboo skateboard wall rack shows you why that is. If you have just one board that or you’re looking for a unique way of displaying multiple skateboards one at a time, this may be the solution for you.

Made from real bamboo and carrying a full lifetime warranty, this rack mounts to the wall with just a couple of screws. The protruding, angled lower lip supports your board by the truck, keeping it out of the way securely. The minimalistic design ensures that any board can be protected, whether you’ve got a massive longboard or a diminutive penny board. Note that this wall rack requires that you have at least one truck installed to be used. All your mounting hardware is included, as well.  I have buddies that have a dozen of these displaying their board in strategic locations around their room.

Source One Deluxe Tier Skateboard Storage Display Rack

Want something a bit sleeker and more stylish than wood or ABS plastic? We think the Source one Deluxe Tier Skateboard Display Rack does the trick. It’s made from durable, translucent acrylic, so you can always be sure that your boards are shown off to the best effect. The slots are wide enough to hold any board, and the system installs in just minutes. With a total capacity of four boards, you’ll find that you can store any type of skateboard you might have, from shortboards to longboards. Don’t need that much in the way of capacity? The manufacturer offers one, two, and three slot display systems as well, so you can get the perfect solution for your collection. Worried that you’ll receive your display rack and won’t be happy? The manufacturer stands behind the product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Note that this system can also be displayed on top of a counter, cabinet, dresser or other flat surface, and does not need to be wall mounted.

Naked Skate Skateboard Storage Rack

Is your board a work of art that deserves all the attention it can get? If that’s the case, then you know how limiting some of those skateboard racks can be – they block the design, they cover up the aesthetic, and they break the overall connection with the art. That is the motivation behind the simple design of Naked Skate’s skateboard storage rack, ideal for anyone who wants to make their board the focus of all the attention. This rack is made from 100% powder coated aluminum for the best in longevity and performance, and features felt padding on the arms to protect your board from scratching. The arms install very easily – just a couple of screws and you’re ready to show off your board.  You’ll also find that there is amble room to store gear along with a board, helping you get everything organized and out of the way. Note that this wall display rack can be used with or without trucks and wheels. This product is also proudly made in the USA. If you are on a tight budget this is the skateboard storage display you are looking for.

Parking Block Skateboard Storage, Display & Organizer

Want to find a way to get your board off the floor, but don’t necessarily want to hang it on the wall? If so, the Parking Block is the ideal option for you. It’s designed from high-quality plastic, and will hold one skateboard, whether that’s a short or longboard. It doesn’t even need you to have your trucks and wheels installed, so it can be used with works in progress. This is a unique and very popular way many skateboarders store and display their skateboards. There is a built in cavity at the back of the block where you can store accessories too, and the block can hold your board vertically or horizontally. The bes thing is no type of installation – simply set the block on any stable flat surface, and then add your board and you’re done!  That’s it! Note that because this rack can only hold a single board, you may need to purchase more than one to store multiple boards. Also note that some boards, notably pintails, may need to be stored horizontally rather than vertically.  So depending on your space, and the type of board you have this may be the option you are looking for.

In Conclusion

The truth is, there is a skateboard rack for everyone, whether you have a single board, or a collection of several boards. Whether you’re looking for strong but affordable, elegant and durable, or a way to tie into your home’s aesthetic, you’ll discover a rack on our list that fits your needs, and your creativity.

Enjoy, and please send us a picture after you have your skateboard displayed, we appreciate pictures, videos, and feedback from the loyal supporters of



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