You can enjoy skating with any type of random footwear; however you can’t easily maintain your balance and perform flip tricks wearing just any type of shoe. If you are looking for the perfect skateboard shoes to buy, this review article should provide you the information you are looking for to make the best decison for yourself.

For this reason, skateboard shoes are typically designed to not only offer you the ideal experience but also provide you with adequate support and comfort.

Most skateboard shoes come with contact grip tapes providing the rider with perfect grip.

For shock absorption, they possess extra padding which absorb shock.

There are many factors to consider when picking an ideal skateboard shoe. We are going to review the most iconic skatboard shoe brandss of all time.

Things to consider mainly are grip type, uppers, fitness, impact absorption and toe areas as such it is quite easy for one to get confused when you have no knowledge on purchasing a pair of skateboard shoe.

If you have had no success thus far in finding an ideal pair of skateboard shoes in 2020, we have provided you with a couple of amazing options that will certainly meet your expectations and needs.

Adidas Originals Men’s Seeley Skate Shoe



Addidas is a renowed brand for its premium quality footwears. The addidas men originals skate shoe looks strikingly like their regular footwears, however this piece boosts an iconic and classic three-strip design. The fabric used in making this footwear are compactly woven together preventing unnecessary wear and tear.

Although it possesses a low profile and simple design, you certainly cannot question its flexibility and performance.

These shoes are also available in vulcanized cleats, which offer a firm grip with the skateboard providing better skating experience.

This amazing skateboard shoe features a wraparound midsole and the famous 3-strip Adidas logo. This footwear is an amazing choice for dedicated skaters. Although it is also ideal for non-skaters. Although this footwear provides you with the perfect skateboarding experience, they are quite easy to clean and maintain.


  • A 3-month warranty.
  • Different color options.
  • Durable but simple design.
  • Provides you with outstanding performance.
  • Lightweight.

Are you searching for a modern stylish skate footwear that is idea for wide feet? Then you should consider having a look at the Fallen DOA.

The main feature of this shoe is the manner in which it has been designed; it provides you with sufficient stability to you when you are performing tricks and turns.

It has extra padding to enable better impact-absorption making it easier for you to enjoy your skating experience.

This footwear is crafted with genuine leather. The Fallen DOA has some degree of water-resistant quality.

Its only disadvantage is that it slightly heavier than most skate footwears as such it might take some getting used to at first when performing tricks and turns.



  • Genuine leather.
  • Suitable for wide feet.
  • Extra padding
  • Sufficient stability






DC Men’s Skateboarding Shoe


This amazing footwear is ideal for serious minded skaters, from comfort to durability and attractiveness the DC men skateboarding shoe has got you covered

Unlike other skateboard sneakers that usually have just a simple side stripe, the DC Men skateboard shoes have amazing side graphics.

Its ultra-grip and stabilizing outer sole are worth being mentioned here as they both help in providing you with confidence and enhancing your style of riding.

The skatboard shoe also features an extra padded tongue, a pull-tab and a collar for extra protection and easy maneuvering when wearing them.

One of the unique feature of DC men skateboard shoe is that its sole has an extra ground flex and contact.


  • Durable, stylish and comfortable
  • Variety of color options
  • Cushion impact
  • Materials for construction are imported.



DC Men’s Unisex Skate Shoe



DC Men Unisex Skate Shoe is ideally a pro skating footwear with a padded tongue for maximum comfort along with a topside for added protection.

This masterpiece possesses a high walled rubber sole which provides magnificent on and off board grip. They are lightweight and vulcanized.

The sole is particularly made of fabric that enhances its durability and design. To avoid this shoe-becoming small for you or squishing your claw, it is advisable ti purchase a bigger size.

These shoes are also ideal for casual occasions. For comfort, these shoes are quite comfortable as such; you will enjoy riding your board and wearing them.


  • Very comfortable
  • Fabric material is imported.


DC Men’s Villain TX Skate Shoe



Modern design, this shoe is a high quality sneaker, which makes you appear different and cool.

This shoe fits for a great birthday gift for both kids and lovers. This sneaker is made from qualified materials: Mesh + transparent + Transparent TPR soles + TPU tops, this shoe is safe and comfortable for skating.

It is ideal for skating during the summer, spring, autumn and winter.  Many pros believe the Villain are the best skatboard shoes for people with wide feet.  So if you are a skateboarder with wide feet, this is probably the skateboard shoes you will want to try.

It can be worn during the rainy season as it is waterproof but for proper maintenance, it is advisable to not wash in water.

This shoe makes for a magnificent gift idea. Most skateboard shoes are perfect for nightclubs, festive, partying, birthdays, gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts ETC.


  • Materials used in constructing this shoe is imported
  • Double stitched and tough for durability.
  • Well-padded and comfortable
  • Provides adequate protection and safety.





DC Men’s Anvil TX SE Sneaker



Made from premium-imported materials is the DC Men’s Anvil Sneaker, its genuine rubber sole offers you amazing board grip thus preventing you from slipping or falling off your skateboard when riding.

It consists of a padded collar providing you with maximum comfort while you are wearing these shoes.

It also has an amazing textile design, a wraparound midsole and high sides for maximum stability.

These sneakers will certainly exceed your expectations and it is made from durable materials and will not easily wear off.


  • Safe and comfortable
  • Padded collar provides better grip
  • Construction materials are imported







The Vans old skool unisex shoe is another beauty, featuring a lace up, low top silhouette and the iconic stripe on the side. If you are a fashion conscious skater, that wants to look as great as possible when you skate, these are probably your best choice.

It features a Vans signature outsole, extra padded tongue with metal eyelets with lining.

These sneakers are a thing of beauty, they are constructed from imported canvas and rubber, and they provide control and grip and make heads spin.

They are available in variety of different colors.

It has advanced cushioning technology, which provides adequate comfort to its users. They are designed to withstand wear and tear and to provide you with an ideal performance when you are riding.


  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Variety of colors





Wish to ramp up your skateboarding? Try out this magnificent sneaker. It is one of the top-notch sneakers that offers sufficient stability while on the board, prevents slips and falls, resists slips on wet surfaces.  This is a great skateboard, shoe that is also good for skaters with wide feet.

Additionally, it gives you assurance against metal chips and warmth. The footwear is laced with Tailex that sufficiently prevents dampness.

From its appearance, you can certainly tell that this shoe can be used for other leisure activities other than skating. One of the major upsides of this sneakers is it is lightweight, it is designed to provide adequate cushioning and also quite affordable.


  • Affordable
  • Long lasting
  • Also used as a causal wear.


It does not matter if you are a professional or a complete novice. It is paramount that you get an appropriate shoe that will give you a fantastic skating experience.

Below are some points to consider when picking out a skating shoe.


Because skating is majorly about footwork, and it involves exposure to several environments and terrains, here are some peculiar features to look out for

  • The upper material. To ensure longevity, there must be added layers of protection. Preferably, a three-stitch shoe is advised as it prevents seams splitting.
  • Outer sole: the outer sole must be a solid on as it constantly comes in contact with the road and the board


The skateboard need to of high quality in other to adequately provide protection to your feet and themselves.

  • Heel cushioning: select skate shoes, which are equipped with extra heel cushioning.
  • Midsole: majority of skating sneakers are equipped with midsoles that are quite lightweight and constructed from flexible EVA foams.


The skateboard shoe should be a perfect fit for your feet, if a skate shoe is either too loose or too tight on your feet you will find it difficult improving your skills.

Always endeavor to pick shoes sizes that are a perfect feet with your feet when you have your socks on thus enabling you to have a comfortable skating experience.



Honestly this really depends on person preference I have so Addidas and DC Skateboard shoes, but my personal favorite brand and may other long term skaters is Vans.  They supported  our sport with shoes in the early days before anyone else.  You simply cannot go wrong with Vans skateboard sneakers.


Cheap Skatboard Shoes

This bes place to find skateboarding shoes cheap, without question is eBay.  When I was first starting out I could come up the cas with the new Vans that I wanted soooo baddddd.

So I found the exact pair I wanted, slightly used at 50% off the reatial price on eBay.  Below you will see a small fraction of the number of the cheap skateboard shoes being sold on eBay right now.  Make sure you check out the condition and read the descriptions carefully,but we have found this to be the best place to pick up skateboard shoes at at baragin.   You can click on any of the shoes below to learn more.

Cheap Skatebaord Shoes on eBay

Cheap Skateboard Shoes on eBay


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