Best Support Kneepads For Skateboarders

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Skateboarders require kneepads for support, protection and safety as such it is good if you understand the best kneepad models available in the market. Below is a list of things that you need to consider when picking a kneepad model. 

In this review article we are going to focus on support to keep your knees strong and prevent twist, strains, and pulls.


Skatboarders perform very tricky twist and turns which require you to always have a kneepad on because of these maneuvers require follow up steps and accurate movements thus there is high chance of sustaining strains while Executing these maneuvers.

Skateboarders Support Knee Pads Buying Guide

Comfort and Relaxation: it is vital for one to get the maximum comfort and relaxation from a kneepad when performing skateboard tricks. Using a kneepad that is not comfortable can easily cause distraction while performing tricks. It is best to pick a skaters kneepad that has a flexible design and rigid air-vents to provide comfort and breathability to you when you are performing thus preventing too much sweeting and discomfort.

Material: knowing what material a kneepad is made of is very important. In some cases, some individuals have sensitive skin and react to certain types of materials (esp. silicone strip and latex).  So be aware of the material if you have sensitive skin.

Durability: purchasing a durable quality kneepad will save you the trouble of always having to replace a worn-out kneepad.

Price: always make sure to check the price tag of a kneepad before purchasing as many kneepads have similar qualities but differ in price so, it’s advised to ensure that you make sure to get the value for your money.

We are glad to provide you with what we feel are the best skateboard knee pads for support available today.

1. Kuntu Gel Knee Pads For Skateboarders

The Kuntu gel kneepads are capable of adjusting to the knee joint. The Kuntu gel kneepad have a lightweight design, durable padding and comes very lengthy fabric material that protects you against friction bruises, bumps and burns from the spills you will have while skateboarding. 

The Kuntu Gel Kneepad is highly recommended for cheerleaders, dancers and other multisport activities. Many skatebaorders have found this to be the perfect knee pad for support & protection.

Key Features

  • Designed especially for athletes.
  • During long skatebaording trips, it stays rigid.
  • Can be hand washed and left to air dry.
  • Provides sufficient comfort and adequate protection.

2.Protective Bodyprox Kneepads

Are ideal for skateboarders as they come in a set of two for maximum protection. they are also suitable and used to support & protect your knees when doing other sports.

They are recommended for Rehab after a knee surgery or injury. They are Rigid and can stay in position the whole day without you having to shift them around.

It has high-density foam which is tough, be aware it can wear off if frequently used and after multiple falls.

Key Features

  • Suitable for long time usage.
  • Recommended following surgery.
  • Rigid hold.
  • Durable material.
  • Helps to enhance blood circulation.

Designed for male & female skaters.

3. DEWALT Professional Kneepad.

When compared with other kneepads, which can provide safety and protection on smooth surfaces the DEWALT professional kneepad is capable of doing much more than protecting professional wood floor installers.  This quality knee pad is being worn more and more by skateboarders at skate parks around the world.

They provide protection to your joint on all terrains and surfaces without leaving any dents or marks on the surface and on your knees.

These kneepads are capable of withstanding any terrain or surface without causing you any discomfort.

Key Features

  • A neoprene design
  • Nonskid Kneepads
  • Poly Ballistic material
  • Foam padding and gel technology

4. DR Pair of Skateboard Kneepads

The DR pair of support kneepads are ideal for skateboarders, Hip-hop dancers, cheerleaders; ice Skating and a variety of other sports.

This pair of kneepads are also comfortable and are also used by many skaters as elbow pads.  They provide you with maximum comfort when you are executing complex maneuvers. They are also Rigid, providing you with maximum support when you use them.

They are 3/8 inch thick thus can withstand any collision against any terrain or surface.

Key Features

  • This kneepad is very comfortable.
  • Dual purpose, can used to protect your elbows.
  • Perfect for beginning skateboarders

5. Mueller Multi-Sport Knee Pads.

The Mueller multi-sport kneepads are fitted with very high-density pads capable of adjusting to the joint permitting a sturdier grip when you jump up from the ground performing skateboard tricks.

This intelligently designed kneepad provides adequate protection to all parts of you knee. Being lightweight, they do not cover all part of your knee thus permitting a better grip and a wide variety of movement options while performing.

Key Features

  • Due to its less bulky nature, provides better grip
  • Has a sticky layer behind which provides enhanced grip
  • Ideal for jumping and easily getting off the ground.

6. LZEEM Soft Kneepads

The LZEEM soft kneepad is made with high quality bamboo fiber material and quality cotton yarn, which is ideal for protection against knee swelling and knee pain because of its amazing muscle support.  These are very popular with female skaters because they are available in hot  pink and other colors.

This super kneepad provides adequate support & protection by decreasing the chances of impact or injury.

This kneepad is ideal for skating, cheerleading, yoga, dancing, rock climbing, weightlifting bodybuilding, baseball, volleyball, jogging etc.

Key Features

  • High quality fiber bamboo material knee pad
  • Adequate protection against impacts.
  • Provides warmth to knee region in cold weather.

7. Adult Knee Danhuz pad

Due to its lightweight design, Danshuz provides an ideal protection to your knee against lightweight design and subsequent impacts from the floor.

This kneepad is ideal for dancers and people who are into sports. They provide protection and are quite comfortable.


Apart from covering the whole knee, these kneepads also cover the lower and upper regions of your leg as well.

Available in Xtra-Large, Large, Medium, Small and Xtra-Small and is available in very available prices.

Key Features

  • Protects you from bruises when pole dancing.
  • Serves as a cushion when you slide on the floor.
  • No itchy sensations or allergic reactions.

Bottom Line

As a skateboarder, you require adequate support and  safety when your learning to performing otherwise you will be at risk of sustaining injuries and hurting your knees.  Straining a leg is no fun, and injury can take you out of the game and prevent you for practicing.   When you are performing selecting quality skateboard kneepads is very important especially for beginner skaters that are starting to learn new tricks.

Protecting your knees is very important when you are skating so we recommend that you pick a kneepad that meets all your requirements, based upon your future skateboard plans.

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