So a lot of people think that as a skateboarder all you need is a skateboard. And while this is true,there are actually many little things that don’t cost very much that can greatly help you as a skateboarder.

So in this article I’m going to share with you 10 cheap and sometimes free things that every skateboarder needs. If you are looking for a gift for a skateboarder, this list should benefit you as well. So let’s start off with the free things,and at the top of that list is:

#1 Google Photos.

If you’re a skateboarder and you go out skating, you’re most likely will be snapping clips all day and most of those clips most likely aren’t first try. And because of this,you’re gonna be left with a lot of videos of you falling on your rump and these attempts take up a lot of storage in your iPhone.

Now, you could delete these attempts or transfer them to an external drive,but what if there was an easier way? Well, let me introduce you to Google Photos. Google Photos is an app that lets you store photos and videos on the cloud for free.

All you need to do is install the app,have a Google account,leave your phone on overnight,and then all of your photos and videos will be backed up in the morning. And what this means is that you can Slot Gacor Malam Ini actually delete your photos and videos off your phone,freeing up your storage,and they’re still available to you.

I promise this will help you,because before I knew about this app,my storage was always full and I had to keep deleting photos and videos to free up space. And these days I never get close to filling up my iPhone storage. Now, the only downside to this app is that Google will compress your photos and videos by the tiniest amount. I personally can’t notice this.

My whole progression videow is actually made up of downloaded videos and photos from Google Photos. But I do like to be safes o I save all my best clips to my computer before deleting them off my phone.


The second free thing that every skateboarders need is Google Earth. Have you ever been street skating all daylooking for spot and then you reach the end of the day and you realize you didn’t get any good clips because you didn’t find any good spots? Now, this is why finding and planning spots before going street skating can greatly influence how productive a day in the streets is.

And one of my favorite tools to do that is through Google Earth. You’ve all probably heard of Google Earth before,the app that lets you travel around the world and see detailed views of different places,but what if you could use it for street skating?

Makes sense, doesn’t it? I mean, you can pretty much navigate through your entire area looking for places to skate and never leave your home. And when you find a spot,Google Earth will tell you the address of that spot on the top of the screen so that you’ll be able to know where to go when you’re street skating. You can also get a map of skate parks around the world here.

And you don’t have to use this tool to find spots from scratch. Maybe you just wanna double-checkthat a spot is actually thereor maybe someone told you the basic area of where a spot is but not the exact location. By using Google Earth,you can float around that area and then find the exact location of the spot you’re looking for. Now, the third free thing that every skateboarder needs is an editing software. I believe knowing how to editis one of the most important skills you can have as a skater because most skate content that is produced these days is video.

Maybe you wanna make a banger Instagram skate editor maybe you wanna make a skating montage or a street part. All of that requires you to know how to edit. And there are plenty of free editing softwares and tools available.



I personally use an advanced software called Premiere Pro because I’ve been making videos for a while but any free software will work. Just a tip though,make sure that when you’re searching for your editing software that it won’t produce a watermark on your video.

They just look really ugly and it will ruin the quality of your video. So make sure the software you choose will create clean videos without any watermarks or branding. And I’m not gonna go into detail about how to edit good skate videos.

In this video but if that is a video you wanna see,then make sure to leave that in the comments. Now, number four is to have social media. A social media presenceis very important for a skateboarder today because it’s how you share your skateboarding with the world.


Instagram, specifically,has become a hub for sharing skateboarding videos, with some of the biggest influencers having millions of followers. So if you want people to notice your skateboarding,posting your clips to Instagram is your best bet.

And by producing videos that are well filmed and edited,you can greatly increase your chanceof people seeing your video. Though, you definitely don’t have to stop at Instagram.

#5 YouTube

YouTube is a great place for sharing longer form skateboarding content and has the potential for massive growth if you’re producing quality content that people wanna watch.

And another platform I’d recommend using is TikTok. Now, you make think this platform’s cringey and want nothing to do with it but the organic reach that it has is insane.

The first video I posted to TikTok took like 30 minutes to edit, which is much less than Instagram or YouTube,but it got 73,000 views. Now, that’s some insane reach that’s hard to achieve on any other platform,so I’d definitely recommend using TikTok. Now, the fifth thing that every skateboarder should have is a subscription to othere skateboarders chanels.

Now I’m gonna get into the physical items which do cost money but are very cheap and very worth having if you’re a skateboarder.


#6 Skate Tool

The sixth thing you need as a skateboarder is a skate tool. Skate tools are probably one of the most versatile and important items in skateboarding. This is something you need if you take skateboarding the slightest bit seriously. Skate tools have two main uses. One, to adjust the looseness/tightness of your board,and two, to set up your board.

Different people have different preferences about how loose or tight they like their trucks,so by experimenting with a skate tool you can find what works best for you. I personally skate my trucks somewhere in the middle,loose enough to carve around a bowl without having to tic tac but tight enough that I don’t loose control over my tricks.

When setting up a board,a skate tool is primarily used to remove the trucks off your board,though it can also be usedto replace your wheels, bearings, and bushings. So it’s
pretty much a skateboarder’s best friend and you can pick one up from your local skate shop for about 15 bucks,so it’s very cheap.



The seventh thing that every skateboarder needs is skate wax. I will almost always bring around wax when I skate. There’s nothing worse than going to a good ledge or a good rail and then not being able to skate it because you didn’t bring wax. Wax is what helps reduce friction between your board and trucks and the ledge or rail that you’re skating, which therefore makes tricks such as noseslides, tailslides,or pretty much any grind or slide much easier.

And now wax is especially helpful when you’re out in the streets because the spots you’re skating most likely haven’t been skated that often. Therefore, using wax can be the difference between a spot being skateable or not. Skate wax can also be bought from your local skate shop but if you wanna save even more money,what I personally dois just buy a box of candlesticks from a convenience store and in my opinion, they work just as well.

We have a complete article on Scateboard Wax here.


#8 Shoe Goo


The eighth thing that you need as a skateboarderis Shoe Goo. Shoe Goo is gonna save you a ton of money,probably more than any other item on this list,because it doubles the lifespan of your shoes. Skate shoes can get wrecked pretty quickly because you’re constantly sliding your footup against the rough grip tape. And when your shoes get holes in them,you should probably replace them unless you like getting holes in your socks or feet.

So because of that,you wanna try and lengthen the lifespan of your shoes before they get holes in them. Luckily, Shoe Goo exists. Shoe Goo pretty much acts as another layer on top of your shoes that will get wrecked before your actual shoes do. All you need to do is apply the Shoe Goo to areas of your shoe that are most prone to tearing.

I usually just put it on the side of my shoes for ollies and then a bit further up for kickflips. Then all you need to dois smooth the Shoe Goo out with some ice and then leave it overnight to dry. Shoe Goo will set you back around $20,which is very worth it in my opinion, considering that shoes are about $100 and it doubles the life of them.

#9 ShoeLaces

Now, the ninth thing you need is a very simple one that most people overlook,and that’s spare shoelaces. Carrying spare shoelaces around can be very beneficial to a skateboarder because shoelaces are very prone to tearing and if you’re out skating and your shoelaces tear and you don’t have a replacement,well, you’re stuffed and then that means the session is ruined. This is because your shoes will get very loose and then start to fall off after every trick.

A spare set of shoelaces is an extremely light item that you can just chuck in your bag and it’s very cheap as well. You can pick up a spare set of shoelaces for under $10,but if you don’t want to spend money on new shoelaces,which is fair enough,just use the shoelaces from your old shoes. If every time you go through a new set of shoes you just keep the shoelaces then you shouldn’t have to worry about buying any spares.

And some other things you can doto help lengthen your shoelaces’ lifespanis to Shoe Goo your shoelaces or use cable ties. Cable ties work very well’cause obviously they are a lot tougher than shoelaces. Just the problem is if you want to use them,you have to have your shoes quite loose. So because of that,I don’t personally use them,but it can definitely be a good solutionfor people who like their shoes slightly loose.



And now the 10th and last thing I have for you that every skateboarder needs is duct tape. Now, this one might seem slightly random but carrying a roll of duct tape around has helped me on numerous occasions. If you’re out skating and your shoes get holes in them,then putting some duct tape on your shoes can temporarily fix that.

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And then when you’re at home,you can put some more duct tape on them and reapply your Shoe Goo. This will help your shoeslast an extra few days or even weeks. I’ve even used duct tape to fix up some holes in my pants,so it’s very versatile.

And since they’re generally under $5,it’s a worthwhile part of your skate bag. Now, if you found this video helpful. Needless to say if you haven’t already done it, I recommend a skate backpack. I take a skate backpack with me when I go to the skate park or stree skating. So before you buy all the other supplies, you probably want to start with a good skate bag.

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