Hey guys. So how many calories do you actually burn skateboarding? I’ve been curious because I’ve been struggling to gain weight ever since I started skateboarding and recently lost about 12 pounds in weight. And believe me, I’m not trying to lose weight. I’m trying to gain weight. I’m way too skinny for my liking.

I have the Garmin forerunner to track my activity. The calories are tracked through movement, GPS and heart rate, and will give me a report once activity is over

Now, most people pick up skateboarding because it’s fun and challenging. Rarely do I hear people picking up skateboarding to get fit and lose some weight, but believe me, it works. And I’m going to prove it to you by tracking my activity on this watch.

I’ll be starting this experiment tomorrow morning because it’s getting very late, just a heads up. I’m not a pro skater. I’ve only been skiing for about eight months and I do skate progress articles. I know I am buring calories skateboarding.

However, within that two hour session, I will be pushing myself and it should give you a good indication of how many calories do you expect about whether you’re a new skater or a pro scater. So I’ll see you guys in the morning.

I’ve started the timer. My first 50/50 grinds. I’m really enjoying the grinder.  I’m about 15 minutes in and so far my heart rate is at 127 beats per minute.

I’m feeling good about my 50/50 grinds. Maybe last week, I was just making excuses. It’s been 20 minutes and I’m already swetting.

By the way, every time I take a break, I stopped the clock. I’m running out of steam. I can barely land anything now.

I am  1:30 minutes in and it started to rain. The rain have stopped so I’ll start the clock again.

I can’t believe I gone 10 no slides; it’s been a good day.

That was just over two hours. I’m going to head back to my PC and examine the results.  So as you can see the session lasts of just over two hours and within that time, I’ve burned 878 calories skateboarding this morning. Looking at my heart rate, the average beats per minute was at 132 and the max beats per minute was at 178.

Now I’m interested in comparing this to a proper cardio class in my gym. This class was pretty intense and lasted 53 minutes, and I burnt 417 calories within that time. And you could see the max heart rate was at 180 beats per minute. So this class was pretty much on par with the skateboarding session. I have to admit that skateboarding to lose calories is much more fun.

This class was intense and I was not enjoying it one bit. Oh, it goes to show that skateboarding is not just a fun hobby. It’s a serious means of getting fit and burning calories.

I hope you guys found this information Interesting and informative.






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