You can Grip a Skateboard like a Pro

Skateboarding Grip Tape Guide

Grip tape allows your feet to grip the surface of the skateboard and stay on it while doing flip tricks and riding your board. You can find them in a vast variety of colors and patterns however it is regularly available in all black and also clear transparent (rarely used) and you will notice that is what most pros use.

I always find it funny when kids have their boards all gripped up with florescent grip tape. Why is it those kids couldn’t complete a trick on their board if they had to?

If you want to stand out in the park, practice and master your tricks and stop junking up your board with grip take that hurts the eyes of other skaters in the park.

Skateboard Grip Tape Size

You will not be able to skate properly or perform any tricks if you don’t have one installed. Is sold in single sheets that are 9″ X 33″ but if you ride a longboard it could get to measure up to 12″ X 4′ so make sure that the one you get will cover your entire deck.

Some skaters think it is better to leave a blank spot in the center of the board or decide to shape it as the feel necessary just for the grip of the board and this is usually done in cruisers or longboards.

Some boards like penny boards do not have a need for grip tape since they are made out of plastic which has a pattern on the decks plastic body that is designed to provide you with the grip necessary.


If you follow the steps in the video above you should have no problem installing grip tape to your board. It is a simple process after you do it a couple of times. It just takes practice. (Like learning tricks on your board … pefect practice, make perfect)

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