Awesome Skateboarding Tricks



What is a Finger Skateboard?

A finger skateboard is a mini skateboard which is about 96 mm. Finger skatebaorder use two fingers to perform amazing tricks instead of their feet. Cam Fox Bryant is given credit for creating the very first fingerboard.  Finger skateboarding is a wonderful

You can do some finger skateboard tricks using your two fingers rather than your feet. The first finger skateboard or fingerboard was created by Cam Fox Bryant. This is great for people who desire to skate but can’t.  Many skateboarders enjoy skating when they are not able to skate. The tricks accomplished on these fingerboards are the same tricks performed on actual skateboards.

How to Use a Mini Finger Skateboard

Finger skateboard is quite popular among  new skaters, young teens and even adult skateboarding pros,  It is designed to look like a real skateboard.   With alot of practice, you can performing  all the tricks that you do on a real skateboard. The first thing that you need to do is to purchase a fingerboard and a skateboard ramp. If you are a first-timer then you should buy Tech Deck.  Tech Deck has all you need.


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The next step is to do the standing position using your two fingers. Place your index finger in the middle and the middle finger on the rear.

Tech Deck also offers some fabulous rails, ramps and other types of obstacles that you can use together with your fingerboards for hours of fun.  However, if you are short on cash, these are actually unnecessary since there are other things that you can use such as pencils, staplers, books, and binders. You can use this stuff for grinding, sliding or even doing an ollie.

The way to start is choose a trick that you want to master. Begin doing the standard position by putting your index finger in the middle of the fingerboard. Then place your middle finger on the rear part of the board.

To do a shove it, use your middle finger and do a light flip towards you. Spin the board and put pressure on the index finger to properly control it.

Best Finger Skateboards Reviewed

1. Tech Deck 96MM Finger Skateboards

Finger Skateboards Tech Deck
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As shown above, the Tech Deck 96MM Finger Skateboards includes 4 boards along with stickers, tools, and riser pads. Having four complete boards is not only a great deal but it also makes you feel like a pro. Each board comes with actual skateboard parts.



2. Tech Deck Starter Kit

Finger Skateboard Starter Kit
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The Tech Deck Starter Kit has everything you need to make a good start. It comes with a signature board, ramps and trainer clips for mastering the tricks that you will find very fun and useful.


3. P-Rep Red Complete Wooden Fingerboard

How To Do Finger Skateboard Tricks P Rep
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The P-Rep Red Complete Wooden Fingerboard comes with a standard tool needed for easy assembly. This wooden fingerboard is easy in the pocket and made of high-quality materials
that will provide you many hours of fun and enjoyment.



4. Hexbug Tony Hawk Circuit Boards

Finger Skateboard Ramps Hexbug
Hexbug Tony Hawk Circuit Boards –  Get it via Amazon

The Hexbug Tony Hawk Circuit Boards include three boards with various graphics. The wheels and trucks are detachable to let you add a powered axle (sold separately).



5. Peoples Republic Zebra Wooden Fingerboard

How To Play Finger Skateboard Peoples Republic
Peoples Republic Zebra Wooden Fingerboard – Check Current Price 

The Peoples Republic Zebra Wooden Fingerboard includes stickers, assembly tools, and instructions to get you started right away. It is the best gift that you can give to the skateboarder in your life, our yourself.   The perfect board to learn finger skateboarding tricks.




6. Delight eShop Professional Mini Fingerboards

Best Finger Skateboard
Delight eShop Professional Mini Fingerboards – Get it via Amazon

This pack consists of one Delight eShop Professional Mini Fingerboards together with stickers and tools. With these finger skateboards, you’ll to start learning Figer Board Tricks.


7. Tech Deck 96mm Fingerboards Primitive

Finger Skateboard Tricks
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On the other hand, Tech Deck 96mm Fingerboards Primitive can make you a pro in no time. If you want the best boards with amazing skate graphics then there’s no other choice but Tech Deck.




9. BeautyMood Professional Mini Fingerboards

Finger Skateboard Tricks Beautymood
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The BeautyMood Professional Mini Fingerboards contain 5 boards that are durably built of zinc alloy. Each board includes complete parts such as grip tape, metal trucks, and assorted graphics.

10. Tech Deck Starter Sk8 Set

Finger Skateboard Brands Tech Deck Sk8
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Meanwhile, the The Tech Deck Starter Sk8 Set comes with one carry case that can also be used as a skate obstacle. The two boards include actual skateboard parts such as grip tape, metal trucks, and real graphics which you normally don’t find with other finger boards.

Fast Fingers 15 – 5th Fingerboard World Championship (Amazing Finger Skateboarding Tricks)



Finger skateboard was originally sold as novelty keychains. Later on, it became a hobby of skateboarders who are in their twenties. Now, there are competitions held in different countries. In Germany, a fingerboard event was held and participated by several riders. Once you become an expert in finger skateboards then you may want to enter one of these competitions.  Most skateboarders claim that fingerboarding actually helps them when they jump on their regular skateboards.


How To Do Grinds:

The 50-50 – Ride at the edge of the rail. Do an ollie at the rail. Let the trucks land on the rail, roll until you’ll reach the end then land it.


Fingerboard tricks

A complete list of fingerboard / tech deck tricks with explenation of every trick for you.

Types of fingerboard tricks:

– Flat and flip tricks
– Grinds and Slides
– Grab tricks

Flat and flip fingerboard tricks

To do the ollie, slap back the tail with your middle or ring finger(goofie) and it should pop up. While in the air, slide your index finger to the nose to level this out. Note: This may not work at first. If this is the case try winding back first to complete this trick.

Fakie Ollie
The fakie ollie is a variation of the ollie in which instead of leveling out the board you go back in the direction of the tail. Note: This trick may require the scraping off of the grip tape with a razorblade to make it sticky. If you have seen the Fingers of Fury video one of the guys has his board like that.

A nollie is a lot like the ollie except instead of hitting the tail, you hit the nose instead and go from there.

Fakie Nollie
The exact same as the fakie ollie except you are going foward and are pushing down with the nose. See the note above under fakie ollie if you are having trouble.

Pretty much the same as a 180 ollie, except you must push much hard on the tail, so the board spins around 2 1/2 times around (5 if in increments of 180 turns). it works best when you have a lot of air, but can be mastered on flat land.

Ollie North
Start off as an ollie. Then twist your hand to the left so that the board is straight up. Then land safely. Be careful this can be tricky.

Start off as an ollie kickflip then let go of the board once it has did a full kickflip then land as a Nose Manual. It is quite hard at first but keep trying and trying.

Do an ollie(see above) but instead of keeping the board on your fingers as in above let it flip over one of you fingers like a flip only with you finger inthe middle (nose over tail) and land it. (i’ve heard of one person who uses his pinky and has called it a pinky impossible!).

Finger Flip
A lot like its cousin the impossible except use your ring finger going in the backwards direction sideways with the board, wait for the board to come back around your finger turning 360 degrees. Catch the board with your pointer finger, turn the board upright and land it.



Do an ollie(see above) and pull your middle finger(normal) or ring(goofie) towards yourself. The board should rotate 180 degrees wheels down then you land it.

360 Shove-it
A variation of the Shove-it(above) you simply turn the board 360 degrees instead of 180. You can try this trick with a 540, 720 and maybe even higher than that. NOTE: You may have to pop a really high ollie in order to get some of the higher turn shove-its.

You ride the board backwards with your middle(normal) or ring(goofie) on the side you are going in.

Sex Change
To do the sex change start with a kick-flip twist your hand so you switch finger positions.

Hard Flip
To do the hardflip push the back of the board down with your middle(normal) or your ring(goofie) finger (after executing the ollie). Before the board gets perpendicular to the ground add a half a heelflip. For all of you that own tony hawk it is under the trick tutorials section and can give you a better idea. Summed up its basically half a backflip and a heelflip.

Double Back
A variation of the hardflip, do a hardflip twice.

Pressure Flip
Similar to the hardflip and the ollie. Start off like this: do an ollie but when you are leveling it out kick the tail down to get the board in rotation like the hardflip then land it the same way.

1 wheela
A 1 wheela is exactly what the name is you ride it on one wheel.

Push down on the nose or tail, the board should now only be on one truck (make sure nose or tail isn’t hitting ground though) go in the direction of the tail or nose for a frontside and go in the opposite direction for a backslide.

First kick the board up. You can use an ollie to start it off. Get it a little less than a 90 degree angle to the ground, then spin the board by pulling your index finger to you and land it.

Varial Kickflip
A cross between a pop shove it and a kickflip, start out with a shove it(see above if you don’t know what it is) but pull your fingers in(as seen above) to get the kickflip part in. watch the board as its flips and turns and wait till it reaches the point you started out in, grip tape up. This trick farely difficult so it may take some a while to get the timing down with the landing.

A cousin of the kickflip do the same start as the the kickflip but instead of pulling your pointer to you, kick it out by kind of placing the nail of your pointer finger against the edge of the board closest to you and pushing out so the board spins away from you.

Varial Heelflip
Basically same as the varial kick flip above, you start out the same with a shove it, but instead of flicking in flick out to get in the heelflip. Then land it the same with grip tape up.

This trick requires and smooth vertical surface. Go up on it and go back and forth with the fingerboard perpendicular to the ground.

Board Twitch
To complete this trick start with an ollie or get some mad air off a ramp. Twitch the board slightly one way then twitch it back the original position then land it.



Walk the Dog
To “walk the dog” pivot the board 180 degrees with you tail finger and switch your fingerplacement.

Reverse Walk the Dog
Do the the first part of walk the dog then for the second turn go to the opposite end of the board and and turn the opposite direction.

I think most of us know what this is but for those who don’t, go up against a vertical surface and ride it across the surfaceWallride- I think most of us know what this is but for those who don’t, go up against a vertical surface and ride it across the surface.

You basically just jump over a ramp ex. vert gap you jump over a vert.

360 Flip
To complete this trick do half a backflip and half a kickflip. Step by step it should sound like this. Once you do the half a backflip the grip will now be facing the ground but while you are doing that you have also done half a kickflip so the board has rotated back into the up position
Kick Turn Apply pressure to the tail of the board raising the nose in the air. While in this position turn the board so it is now facing in a different direction.

While riding fakie(see above if you don’t know what it means), on a ramp complete a 360 in the air and head back down the ramp forwards without grabbing.

Front Flip
Works best when your on a half pipe or a quarter pipe. get alot of air when doing this trick. ollie and don’t straighten out your board so it is perpendicular to the ground. flip the board with your hole hand and catch the board and skate off.

Half Cab
Do a Cabbalerial(above) but only do a 180 for the turn.

Late Flip
Not really a trick but a variation of one. This is mostly to be done when jumping over “stairs” or “rails”. After popping an ollie over one of these objects, at the latest second do a kickflip and land it right afterwards. You should try to do this trick almost before you are going to land.

3rd Dimension finger flip
What you do is, you put your point finger on the back of the board and tap it slightly, and it should flip on to the top of your hand; then you bring your hand up to where the board flips off of your hand doing a kickflip type of spin or it something that resembles a flip. you can do many tricks with this like a the kickflip(above) or just some flips or double flips if you wanted to you can also put some spins on the board by turning your hand so that you spin the board.

The Brandon
You place index finger under the nose and your pinky under the tail the put your ring and middle finger on the middle of the board and make a wave and pull your fingers up to the top and land and go away.

The Knuckler
First do a rather high ollie, then slap the back of your board w/your ring finger(goofie) or middle(normal) and let it roll on top of your knuckles. From there let it roll of your fingers and land onto one of the grinds below.

Taco Flip
First you lay the board on its side with the trucks facing you press down and slide your finger towered you the board should flip in the air try to land smooth and ride away.



Ollie in a forward direction or launch off a ramp. Leave your middle finger on the middle of the board and stick your pointer and ring fingers underneath representing holding the board out in front of you if you were a real skater. Then do a kickflip or impossible or something to flatten it out.

Flap Jack
You hit the tail of the board gently, and it flips onto the top of your hand, so the trucks are facing up. Then you sort of toss it to do a flip back onto the wheels.( You can do flip it off towards your pinky or your thumb.)

The Walk
You get really high in the air, then slide your fingers back and move your fingers as if you were walking. then land.


360 Suaslide
Best done on tricktower w/ loop connected to vert ramp-do a 360 on the vert ramp into a Darkside on the edge of the loop after that do a 180 off of the loop.

Front Foot immpossible
Like an immpossible but you are in nollie position and do it over your index finger.

Rock and Roll
This trick requires any kind of ramp with a box top such as a half pipe or quater pipe. go up the ramp and stop on the top of the box with the front wheels and the back wheels hanging off(parallel to the box top of ramp); now go back down the ramp fakie just when your back (now front) tires start going down, turn a 180 so you are no longer riding fakie Thats the rock and roll.

Space Walk
Space walk goes like this pop a wheelie by pushing down on the tail but not so much as it touches the ground. Then you swing the front wheels sideway then back in the opposite direction. Keep doing this flowing motion and you have the space walk.





1 1/2 Comply
Start out in your regular stance, flip the fingerboard so it starts to spin like kickflip (towards you); except this trick (at least on a skateboard) is possible standing still. Put some pressure on your heel edge with your pointer finger so it flips but right when the wheels are about to be facing up the board with your pointer the other so it completes 1 1/2 rotation. Then land.

Big Spin
To do the big spin you go backwards, kick the board into a 360 and at the same time turn your body 180 degrees in the same direction, you should land with your body going in the foward direction and your board backwards.

Make sure the your standing with the tips of your fingers instead of the pads to make this trick easier. do a nose manual. during the nose manual, pivot the board around 180 degrees. if you feel uncomfortable afterwards, you may switch finger placement back to normal.

Extremely hard: all fingers are off the board in mid-air. only your thumb is supporting the board. the board falls off easily, so try to make it a quick trick.

In mid-air, place your thumb on the nose. the board should also be facing 45 degrees up.

Similar to an ollie, all you do is push firmly on the corner of the tail, so that it flies in various different ways. it’s slightly hard to land not knowing what it’ll do, (usually a diagonal flip), so be careful.

Over the lil’
Ollie over stairs. (an inclined plane could work if you don’t have any fingerboard stairs.)

Up the lil’
Ollie up stairs. (again, an inclined plane could work if there aren’t any fingerboard stairs around.)

Frontside boneless
When you see a ledge, hit the nose of the board at the edge of the ledge. Make sure the board spins 180 degrees. Then land.

First your go off a big ramp after you go off the ramp take your middle finger and push down kind of like a backfilp then take your index finger and do another backfilp repeat this as many times as you can then put your fingers on the grip tape and land it (can be done into a grind).

Side-footed flip
Instead of the normal position, put your index and your middle finger together on the skinny part of the board, flipping to the right and the visitors board ended up popping up. Try it see if it work!

Infinity Flip
Go backwards and launch the board into the air then land smooth.

Remote Control
First do a pop shuvit, but instead of letting the board spin under your fingers, just lift your front finger and leave your back finger on the board, in a way that the board performs a pop shuvit on the very tip of your back finger.

Dustin Impossible
First, ollie pretty high. Now quickly move your back finger to the nose of the board and push it down like a normal impossible, but the opposite direction, being sure to not move your hand any farther, but instead moving it the oppisite direction that you were ollieing, so that the board does the neccissery spin. If done right, the board will do a front flip, spinning around your back finger, as if you were doing a front finger impossible.

Ride a manual by putting your index finger in under the board right behind the front trucks, while turning your hand into the shape of gun.

Bandit Flip
Ride in a bankrobber then jerk up your index finger, causing the board to flip. Then land it.

Nose Manual
Use any stance you want and push down on the front of the board just enough to make it be riding on the front set of wheels only.

Front Uni-Wheeler
Balance the board so that it only rides on one of the front wheels.

Rear Uni-Wheeler
Same as above except use the the back set of wheels.

Super Flip
Don’t put any fingers on the board and hit the back has hard as you can with your middle finger. (It helps if you put your thumb behind your middle finger, as if you were to snap them, for support.) The board should flip high in the air and then catch it and try to land it. It takes a while to figure out how to hit it so that it pops straight up and not backwards.

Back Finger Impossible
Same as the Hard Flip except push down harder on the back of the board. The board should do atleast one flip. In real life this is called a shooting star.




Front Finger Impossible
Do an ollie and when you are verticle in the hair push down on the front of the board so that the board flips foward. This trick takes some time to land perfectly.

Ike Flip
Do a half Ollie impossible and then take your middle finger and kickflip it out and land it.

Inverted Ike Flip
Same as above but spin it backwards (heel flip) and then land it.

Thumb Roll Hard Flip
Ride reg. stance, and push down on the tail so that it does a half a impossible. Grab the board by the nose and turn it over so that the grip tape is facing up. Let go, and land it.

Frontside Heelflip Varial
Find a small drop about 6-10 inches off the ground. Place your index finger on the edge farthest from you between the trucks and your middle finger on the edge of the tail closest to you. Approach the lip slowly when your near the edge pop the tail away from you. Let the board flip slowly then catch it and land. This trick takes time to learn.

Nollie Flip
Understandably, the nollie flip requires that you master the nollie first. The nollie flip is a nollie with a backfoot kickflip. You must pop into the air much faster than for a straight nollie, and the board must be leveled sooner. Having popped the nose off the ground with your front finger, use your back finger to level and flip the board as it rises. Once the board has flipped, land it as you would a regular kickflip.

Varial Flip
Before you do this sick trick you need to know how to do a pop-shuvit and a kick flip. Start with your back finger on the tail of the board and your front foot on the front edge. Push on the tail and simultaneously, do a pop-shuvit and a kick flip, and when the board spins 180 degrees, land it.

Get some speed and go off a vert. Turn the board so that the trucks are facing upwards and your fingers are on the grip tape. Then, with your middle finger in the middle, spin the board around and land it.

Underflip Heelflip
Do half a impossible then flick the board with your finger so it spins a half heelflip. Then land it.

The Outward Heelflip
This trick is basically a pop-shuvit with a heelflip. Ride with your front finger behind the screws and your back foot hanging off the side of the tail thats farthest from you. This trick is basically a pop-shuvit with a heel flip. Pop the board up and turn it 180 away from you. At the same time spin the board like you would a heel flip. Once the board has spun 180, land it.

Inward Heelflip
Opposite of above.

Pong to Pong Blunt
Ollie onto a wall and once you get to a desired height, ollie off and to half of a back flip and land on the other side fakie.

The Bus Stop (Backside 180 to Board-Wheel Blunt to Frontside Heel Flip 270)
At a slow speed, approach your ledge with your back finger on the corner of the board that is farthest from you. Pop the Board up and spin the back of the board away from you (backside) and land with your wheels and side of the board against the edge. When you want to get out flip the side of the board with your finger making it heelflip and turn the board frontside 180 degrees and then land it.

Look Ma! No Hands!
Go up a vert with as much speed as you can and fly up way in the air. When you get high enough. Let go of the board completely and put your hands behind your back for a certain amount of time (The longer you hold them, the better the trick). Bring your hands back out and desparately try to land it.




The Conner Special (Ollie Impossible to B/F Tailslide)
Start out riding in reg. stance and do an ollie impossible and land so that you tail hits the rail and you hold your board down w/ your back finger. To exit twist your back finger so that your nose turns forward and place your front finger back down on the board and drop.

Vietnam Air (Inverted 900 Spin to Darkslide)
At a moderate rate of speed approach your vert or launch. When you reach the edge flip the board up so it is on top of your three middle fingers. Then, with your middle finger in the center of the board, take your pointer finger and spin the board. Let it spin 900 degress or however much you want it to and then let it land on your grinding mechanism tape down. Then to get off, put your two outer middle fingers on each side of each truck; lift off, flip around, and land. Then ride away.

1 1/2 Kickback
Do a kick flip and let it spin a half time, then flick it back the other way with your finger so it does one full heel flip.

Compton Spin
Start out riding nollie stance (front finger on the nose and back finger in the middle of the board). Take your back finger off and place it on the ground and your front finger should put weight on the nose so the board pops up about 90 degrees. Once it is at about 90 degrees pick your back finger off the ground and flick the board so it spins heel flip style. Then land it.

Flat Flip
Ollie up into a wall ride, and then while riding the wall, do an impossible and keep the wall ride.

Plaster Flip
Go up the vert, when you hit the lip pop back and put your hand at a 90 degree angle. Then pull your fingers down so the board flips back down. Land and roll into your next trick.

Your Mom
Ollie, but smack the tail harder than usual. Once it does half of a flip, catch the board on the top of your hand. Keep it there for a second or two. To get out, Bring yout index finger up, and it should swing back. Land it after the half flip.

Muska Nose Manual
Nose manual, but with your thumb on the nose and your ring finger on the tail, your middle and index should be closed up to your palm.

So the board flips upside down and put your index and middle fingers on the trucks, waddle back and forth to make it feel like a snow board, Trick by DirtySpud 2

Casper Uni-Wheeler
A uni-wheeler but with your index finger under the board Trick by DirtySpud 2

Dirtybird Flip
Ollie and slide your middle finger up to the nose and kickflip (sex-change but without the body varial) Trick by DirtySpud 2

Ollie and point the nose to the ground (a.k.a nollie air) Trick by DirtySpud 2



Kitty Uni-wheeler
Put both fingers on the tail and do a uni wheeler Trick by DirtySpud 2

Jigsaw Impossible
An impossible but on the side like a primo kinda Trick by DirtySpud 2

Ghetto Spaz Flip
A kickflip but the nose sticks out from under your legs Trick by DirtySpud 2

Chocolate Flip
Ollie into a snowboard but dont slide, then put pressure on it and pull back, it should flip Trick by DirtySpud 2

Pringlez Impossible
Start out like u would for a brain, but just flip it around your pointer underneath the truck Trick by DirtySpud 2

The Big Hitter Manual
Ride nose manual but in the big hitter position (with one finger only on the nose) Trick by DirtySpud 2

Big Hitter Ollie
Ollie and slide your index finger to tha tail Trick by DirtySpud 2

Front foot 360 flip
Self explanatory Trick by DirtySpud 2

Joe-Shmoe Flip
A back foot impossible, but instead of spinning backwards, it spins fwds like a front foot impossible Trick by DirtySpud 2

Hardflip Rewinding
A hardflip, but make it flip forward in a heelflip.

The 40 oz
Ok start off in a fliposible…do a half kickflip and catch the board with 1 finger and finish with an imposible but land it in a one footed ghetto slide.

Front foot imposible to a one footed casper stall…then imposible out…

Go up a vert ramp and execute a pivot but instead of going back down just walk the dog accross the coping…

Nike Air
When going up a vert ramp pop the board up and land it on top of the pointer and thumb and stall the middle finger on the coping…it should look like a nike swoosh when done correctly.

The Ope Flip
This trick was made up from the jonothan imposible…you start out the same way…flip the board with your pointer finger onto the top of your two fingers (pointer and middle) but instead of doing the all mighty tight jonothan imposible simply do a kickflip underflip and land with 1 finger…the kickflip underflip is a trick where you do a kickflip but when u curl your pointer finger to make the board flip uncurl it at the same time to make it flip back the opposite direction…land it…

Do a half kickflip and in mid air take your pointer finger and catch the board upside down on the tail and do a half front-foot imposible…land it..

Triple kickflip
Ollie realll high then u press down in a kickflip and since u pressed really hard it will spin 3 times then land it.

Kickflip Underflip
This is a are hard so practice alot for it.lets start out with the finger postions…your index finger should be in the middle of the board close to the edge beside u..your middle finger should be on the tail . ollie really high and hit the board in a kickflip. when i does one whole flip push up on the board with your index finger so it goes the other way in a heelflip. when doing the underflip part u have to hit the edge on the bottome of the board so it flips the other way. after it does one heelflip or whatever land it!

Shuvit underflip
This is the same as above but u ollie and do a 360 popshuvit in the air then when it is doen spinning u hit the bottome of the board so it does a heelflip then land it…

Easier Shuvit
This is easy. u ride fakie then hit the tail like a ollie but u push your middle finger toards u so it spins way faster i bet u’ll get past a 900 shuvit this way.

Infinity and Beyond
You get some good speed in the halfpipe then u lanch off the vert ramp and in the air do a airwalk then land it.

Back Stab
When your on a vert or somthin’ and when you go off, place the board in your palm, make a fist with it in your hand and then land it.

Board Slide to 360 Kick Flip
Ollie onto the rail then when in the air turn your board so that the middle slides on the rail. As the board moves down the rail position your fingers so that they are near the middle of the board. Just before the end press down on the board and slide it up and off of the rail. in the air press down hard in order to land the trick!

Hang Ten
You ollie to a rail or edge then for a split second get both fingers on the nose. land in a nise grind SO u have both fingers on the nose . then when your done put fingers back in regular place and ollie off and land.

Laser Flip
Get your fingers like a varial heelflip. ollie up and do a varial heelflip but u give it more power so it does a 360 heelflip/ then land it and ride away.

Rail Stand
This trick is a primo grind but its on the ground.

Backflip aka no fingered impossible
You ollie off of a vert ramp or bank or ramp then in the air push down on the tail with your middle finger then let your fingers off the board so it will spin around then land it.. also the backflip is over your hand or whatever its never under your hand.

Darkslide Flatland
Well u jump in the air and do a half of a kickflip or heelflip then land so your in a darkslide on the ground then slide on the ground then to dismount u hit the side of the board so it will pop of and flip around then land that and roll away.

Truck Stop Flatland
Same thing as above but u land on the trucks and side.

A wallie is basically an ollie off the wall, from a wall ride.




Ollie, but grab your board immediatly after like an indy, but let go right.

Set you fingers in the position of an ollie. Put pressure on the board and smack the tail and lift the board. When in mid-air, spin your board like a pop-shove it, but have your fingers next to the board rather than above it. After a few spins, place you fingers on both truck bolts, and level your board to land it.

Shuvit rewind
You ollie then do a popshuvit hten let it spin one time then when its does one spin hit the tail foward with your middle finger then when does with the other spin land it!

Tick Tock
This is pretty much the same as a spacewalk but when u swing the front part of th eboard sideways let down the nose real hard to make a smack noise then then pick up back to normal position. keep doing this in a flowing motion.

Ride the board sidways against the wheel.

This is sort of a grab trick. u ollie in the air then bring the board sideways and shift it back and land it.

A carve is another name for big turns. all u do is ride around doing some tight turns and stuff.

Cab Disaster Revert
You should do this on a half pipe which is easier or on any other vertical surface. First, go on the ramp but not in the air. Second, You do a half-cab right on the surface by lifting up the back trucks (like you’re doing a 180 but not in the air).Third, do a fakie. Fourth, roll out.

Nose Grab-Airwalk
You should do this on a half-pipe. First, do an ollie on the ramp and get a lot of air. Second put you thumb on the bottom of the nose of the board. Third, do an airwalk with your index and middle finger pointing north and the other south. Fourth, land this trick with regular stance.

Surface Backflip
Put the tail of the board on a higher surface than your riding on. Then do a back flip and land with just the front wheels on the opposite edge. This trick might take a while to master,but once you’ve done it,it’s pretty cool.

Double Finger Impossible
Just like an impossible but this time when you do an impossible you put another finger in and that will make it a double it’s pretty hard but possible i can already do it.

Ollie up,then while in the air make tha trucks face u and tap it with ure thumb so it does a kickflip and land smooth.

Grind and Slide fingerboard tricks

Both trucks on on the rail(corner of book).

5-0 (tail grind)
When only back truck is on.

Board slide
When both trucks are on niether side of you and the rail is right between them (A frontside board slide is when your fingers are pointing in the direction you are going, in a backslide your fingers are pointing in the direction opposite from the direction you are going).

Nose grind
When only front truck is on.

Smith grind
When your back truck is on the rail and your front truck is rubbing up against the side.

Pinky Smith
Ollie on to the grind rail and land with your pinkey over the back screws then let the front of your board hang off the side of the grind rail.

K Grind aka Crooked Grind
Grind on crooked on your front truck.

Salad Grind
A crooked 5-0.

When you do a grind with the middle of the gripCONTRIBUTED TIP: A really good way to do the darkslide is as follows: first you set up like you’re gonna do an ollie impossible. you ollie up and then when you’re spinning the board around your index finger, you stop it with your middle finger. (now your index finger should be on the griptape side nose and your middle finger should be in between both trucks on the under side.) Now put your ring finger on the grip tape side tail. (your fingers should now be griptape-underside-griptape). you now have great finger positioning to do a darkslide!

Kasper slide
As seen in Tony Hawks Pro Skater, your board is up side down and pointing in the same direction of the rail, your pointer finger is under the grip tape right around the screw area or the bend(in G4s); your other finger/s, your other fingers are on the board graphics. The finger under the grip tape should be lifting up a little and you should be grinding with the trailing edge. Getting into this position is difficult, i’m still expeirementing with the different ways. Try some out yourself.

Kasper Bluntside
Flip the board over and do a bluntside on the griptape.

Blunt side
Your board is perpendicular to the ground with the wheels and trucks on the rail and the lip of the board against the side.

Nose slide/Halfmoon
The lip of your board is riding the rail (A frontside halfmoon is your fingers are pointing towards the direction you are going, backside is you fingers are pointing in the opposite direction.

Primo Grind
Land with the side of your board against ledge/rail (in the same direction of a 50-50.

Primo Mature Grind
Do a frontside or backside while doing the primo without the wheels.

Nose Primo
Do a primo grind but have only the nose wheels rub against the side.

Feeble Grind
You grind with the back truck and the font truck is hovering over the rail at a slight angle.

Sausage Grind
Do a smith grind with your front truck and grab the tail by squezzing your thumb with your middle(normal) or ring(goofie) finger.

West Arbor Grind/WA
While riding fakie, ollie do a 180 spin in the air. Do a grind on your back trucks and with your fingernails facing the opposite way that you are grinding. if you ride normal, grab the nose with your thumb. if you ride goofy grab the board with your pointer.

360 Grind Starter
This is good for getting up on grind rails, put your pointer finger a little bit farther towards the front but kinda near the middle, your middle finger a little bit back from the middle and your ring finger on the tail and push on the tail like your gonna do a ollie and at the same time rotate you finger towards you making it do a 360 and then land it on the rail or ground ect.

The Railer
What u do is you do a 5/0 then grab the nose so you are grinding on your tail, with no trucks like a 5/0, but only on your tail (not like a tail slide).

Neck Break Grind
You ollie up to a grind rail and do a 50-50 and then you put your front trucks off the grind rail and pull your index finger off the board.

Ballerina Grind
First ollie up on to something that you can grind on but flick the board back making it land straight down on the tail.

Though a hard grind in real life, it’s pretty simple in the “finger-world”. Start out at a 50-50 grind, then immediatley turn 90 degrees so that the back truck only is grinding. chad muska just met his match!

After doing a hurricane (still grinding) slam on the end that isn’t grinding. if done correctly, the board should spin around a number of times vertically. then land it.

Rail 2 Rail
Grind on one rail (lip if no rails are around), and ollie to another rail/lip and grind from there.

Dark Smith
Jump on the rail and land on your griptape with your tail on the rail and the nose hanging off the edge toward you.

Pyscho Grind
It’s a blunt nose or tail slide with the board completely vertical. note: it works a lot better on rails than lips.

Crooked Casper Slide
You do what you would do for a kasper slide but you don’t make it go in the same direction as the rail. Instead you turn the board to the left and kinda grind on the curved part of the board with the side touching the rail.

Slammin Grind
Do a 50/50 but have the front right wheel roling on the rail while the back truck is grinding.

Do an upside down feeble grind.

Dark Noseslide
Do an upside down noseslide.

First start off like a casper, by doing half a kick/heelflip or backflip. When you stop the board with your fingers, graphics facing up of course, instead of putting your front finger behind the fornt trucks, put it behind the back truck, so that your back and front fingers are both holding the nose(the end in the air). Flip out like you would a reg. casper.

Kick a** grind
One fingered primo grind 5-0.

Ollie onto the rail or whatever and land so that the rail is between the tops of your wheels and the edge of the board. When you want to get off just kick or heel flip out.

Spine Slide
Ollie, and bring your fingers up and towards you, as in a kickflip. After the board spins about half way, land on it and a rail of some sort. (So your board 50-50’s it on its griptape side) Your Griptape of your nose and tail should be sliding. To land, just put your finger on the wheels and roll them towards you.

Nasal Slide
Ollie, then kickflip or heelflip halfway. Catch your board with your fingers between the trucks, land on your griptape with your screws (closest to your nose) grinding the surface.

Pelvis Slide
Ollie, then kickflip or heelflip halfway. Catch your board with your fingers between the trucks, land on your griptape with your screws (closest to your tail) grinding the surface.

Stomach Slide
Ollie, then kickflip or heelflip halfway. Catch your board with your fingers between the trucks, (swing your tail over the rail) land on your griptape with your deck(griptape) grinding the surface.

Casper Supreme
Get into a rail stand and put your pointer finger under the nose and slide (a.k.a primo casper.).

Nut-Cracker Slide
Ollie into a scissors grab and land on the ground in the same position, but the board should be on an angle, and then slide.

Ghetto Supreme
A ghetto-slide but on the side, like a primo (a.k.a primo ghetto slide).

Udder Slide
A nose primo on the ground.

Lactose Slide
Same thing as above but on the tail.

The Milky Hitter
Lactose slide but your index should be on the tail (a.k.a big hitter lactose slide).

The Big Udder
Opposite of milky hitter.

Primo Dream Slide
Dream slide but on its side… know what i mean!

Under-Board Slide(zero gravity casper)
Do a 1/2 backflip so the tail lands on your 2 fngers and slide.

Benihanna Casper
Casper but in the benihanna slide position.

Bulldog Slide
Do a 90 degree ollie and slide, you should be facing fwd, u can also do it in different positions (casper,nose manual etc.).

Muska’s udders
An udder-slide but in the Muska nose manual position.

Muska nose grind
Nose grind but in the Muska position.

Muska nose-blunt
Nose-blunt in the Muska position.

A casper, but both fingers are on the tail and the board is vertical.

Ko Grind
One footed nose primo but when sliding make the board do a 360 spin on the wheel and keep slidin…land it…

Ghetto Slide
You do a half of a imposible/backflip/kick or heel flip…and land so the dark side is down and that the pointer finger is on the nose and the middle is behind the front truck lift the middle finger a lil so the board is cocked 45 degrees…slide it…to get out just lift more with the middle finger and slide it to the side and kickflip out or imposible whatever u like.

Shingle Shangle
Do a 50 50 then into a 5-0 to a nose grind back to a 5050. keep doing this on the grind rail or edge till your done with it then ollie off and land.

Ok you ollie to a grind rail or edge then land in a nisegrind but your middle finger is on the nose and the index finger is away.then at the end of the grind put fingers back in a orginal place and ollie off and land.

Rocket Tailslide
You ollie to a grind rail then u do a backside tailslide ( or is it frontside? ) all well. then while doing a tailslide grab the nose with index finger and thumb so your doing a grab and a slide trick. then when done with the grind put fingers back and ollie off and land it.

Nose Bluntslide Tail Grab
You ollie in the air and land in a nosebluntslide then grab the tail with your thumb and your middle finger . its a little hard but u’ll get it. then ollie off and land.

Psycho Grind Nose Grab
This is same thing as a bluntslide nosegrab just your doing a psycho gridn or whatever it called. then ollie off and land.

Fakie Salad Grind Nose Grab
Ok you ollie then turn your hand 180 degrees then land in a fakie salad grind i think it is ) then while grinding grab the nose with your index and thumb then at the end ollie off and land.

Tail Primo
Do a ollie to a rail then land on the tail side of a primo. in lamens terms its a primo 5-0.

Darkside Ride
Ok u are riding around then u flip the board over in half a kickflip then land on the board upside down like a darkslide but its in a 5050 postion. pretty much this is a dark 5050 flatland.

When riding the vert, stomp your nose of the board and stall on the copping, then ride away.

When riding the vert, stomp your tail of the board and stall on the copping, then ride away.

Crooked Primo
This is a very hard trick so practice practice practice! u ollie to a edge or grind rail then land in a nose primo but u see that the its crooked or whatever. do u get what i am saying?

(Use on doubled rails) Ollie so your board is Vertical, then land on the doubled rails so your top trucks are resting on the top rail, and your bottom trucks are resting on the bottom rail. To land, just put pressure on the tail and swing the nose back and then forward and down once your clear from the rail.

Big Hitter
This can be done with a noseslide or a tailslide. What it basically is is one footed/fingered. For a Big Hitter tailslide you move one finger to the tail and take the other off the board. The exact opposite is used for a Big Hitter noseslide.

One-footed smith grind
Do a smith grind but take your index finger off.

One-footed tailslide
First, ollie and turn 90 degrees. Second, do a tailslide except land it with your index finger only and have your middle finger on the other side of the rail. Third, Slide as usual. Fourth, when coming out at the end of the rail, turn your index finger back 90 degrees and then slide your fingers back to the regular stance-OR-instead of landing back in regular stance, you can land by doing a one fingered manual with your index finger on the tail of the board. Either way, both of the ways of landing is very hard.

Nose Casper to 350 Flip
Your board is upside-down doing a nose manual. To do this, your index finger is pushing on the back of the front truck, and the ring finger is under the tail, pulling the board upwards for balance. To do the 360 flip to land, slide the middle finger to the corner of the tail away from you and jerk the board upward. Hard to land. Trick Contributed by David Moore.

Blunt Pivot
When ollieng onto a ledge land in a nosebluntslide where your pointer is pointed down the board and your middle finger is curled behind it.keeping in that same position pivot into a 5-0 grind .to land do a 180 ollie or whatever.

Grab fingerboard tricks

Foot Stomp
Stick your pointer finger under the board and put your middle directly above it. Squeeze this fingers together enough so you can lift up the board. Lift up the board and tap you pinky on the surface then land it.

Hand plant
You usually do this on some sort of ramp. Do the same beginning to the foot stomp except instead of doing the foot part go off the ramp and press into the ramp with your thumb. You can then rotate and go back down the ramp.

Gymnast Plant
Do the same thing as a handplant, except lean way over so you are just about horizontal.

Thumb is on the top of the board and your pointer is on the bottom.

Pointer is on top and thumb is on bottom.

Its a method except the board is facing straight.

Thumb is on top of tail and you middle finger is on the bottom.

Thumb is on bottom of nose and pointer is on top.

Indy Grab
Thumb is on top and middle(normal) or ring(goofie) so the graphics should be facing out in front of you.

This is a hard trick to control cuz the board may fall but its pretty easy after that. Ok here it is. This trick is you good when jumping over “stairs” or ramps. Do a high ollie going foward and slide your finger tips to where the heel would be on a skatboard so your fingertips are just nearly resting on the edge of the board. Then just when you are about to aproach the ground slide your fingers back into place and land.

Early Grab
This is a kind of stupid trick but it is a real skateboard trick so it is on this website. Before you are about to jump, grab the board in any way while still on the ground. (I recommend doing a type of “scissors grab” as used in the foot plant of course you must be skating goofie to do it this way but try it out anyway you like) anyway once you have a grab going push down with your middle(normal) or ring(goofie) and catch some air. While in the air, return your fingers to their right positions.

Christ Air
What you do is get a lot of air and slap the front of the board with your pointer finger. When the front flies down, pinch the back with your ring and middle fingers representing the holding out action seen being executed by Rune Glifberg in Tony Hawk’s Pro skater. Then Put your pointer finger back on the front and flatten it out before finishing.

First ollie, then grab the board with the insides of your pointer and ring finger. note: it sounds easy and it is, however landing is a trifle difficult.

During some air time, place your thumb below the board, the ring and middle on top of the board, and the index finger sticking up.

Dr. No No
Done on a vert ramp and when coming off the ramp ollie and catch the board with your middle finger underneath the board and your thumb on the nose and ring finger on the tail with your index finger in the air, then land it into a nosegrind.

First, get some pretty nice air, and turn the board with your fingers towards you, enough so that the grip tape is facing you…the board will be in your palm. Then, touch the side of the board facing up with your thumb, then uncurl and land. It might hurt a little. It helps to have long fingers, and is easiest on a ramp.

Might be like a hand plant but viewer thinks it is a much smoother version.Go up a ramp or book or something and when you pop out of the ramp keep your index finger and middle finger on the board and place your ring finger on the rail and then twist you finger so the board is now horizantal…then just simple twist the board back and go back into the ramp.

Pogo Air
Do a regular Ollie but do it higher than usuall while your in the air place your index finger on the front truck and your middle on the bottom of the grip!

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