You can build a backyard skatepark for much cheaper than your probably think.

One of the easiest backyard skatepark obstacles you can build is a ledge. compared to basically every other obstacle out there, ledges are in the sweet spot in terms of how easy they are to build and how many possibilities there are when you’re skating them. Sure there might be simpler ramps you can make but chances are there’s really only a handful of tricks that you can do on them. With a nice ledge there’s almost an unlimited amount of tricks you can learn. When it comes to building a ledge there’s a few routes you can take.

If you’re able to make a permanent ledge you can use some cinder blocks, angle iron and liquid nails to build a standard ledge that you’ll find at a lot of diys. A great way to save money on this style is to try to find some cinder blocks for free which usually isn’t too hard to do. Then you just need to go to Home Depot or Lowe’s, buy some angle iron for around ten dollars, get some two dollar liquid nails and you basically have a ledge for under 15 bucks.

Now, if you can’t build a permanent option you can always use wood instead. Of course wooden ones aren’t going to last as long and they’re a little harder to  cut cost on but they do have the added benefit of being portable. If you can manage to get your hands on some old screws and some scrap wood that will definitely cut down on the cost but you might have to be a little resourceful to find some. Depending on which style and the size of the ledge you build it usually costs under 50 dollars which is a pretty good deal considering how much fun they are.




Mini Skatbord Ramps

Mini ramps are the holy grail of backyard skateparks. growing up just about every skateboarder dreams of having a backyard mini ramp. Most skateboarders would agree that every kind of obstacle can be fun to skate but mini ramps just might be the best. just to settle this go ahead and leave a comment Agen Sbobet on what kind of ramp or obstacle you think is the best and let’s just see what people say. The only real downside to building a backyard mini ramp is that they can be a bit expensive. also your neighbors will probably start to hate you but for most skateboarders the expensive part is what matters.

As far as how much it costs to build a backyard mini ramp it really depends on a lot of factors. Whether or not you go with wood or concrete the size and the quality of the materials can all make the price vary. a normal price range for a mini ramp is between 500 and 2000 but again it really just depends. At first this might sound like a lot but that’s only about two months of working a part-time job which really isn’t that bad. Since a backyard mini ramp is one of the more expensive things you can build, one of the best ways to save money is by thinking of it as a long-term investment. This means spending the extra money on quality materials and choosing wisely where you plan to build it.

If you’re going to build it outside just spend the extra money and build it with concrete there’s a reason why every single pro with the backyard skatepark builds it with concrete. It’s guaranteed to last longer and there’s a 100% chance a wooden ramp is going to require way more maintenance which will definitely add up over time.

If you decide to build your ramp indoors, a wooden one can be worth it but don’t cheap out on the materials because again it’ll end up costing way more in the long run. A good old-fashioned kicker is for sure one of the best ramps you can build in your backyard. Ever since skaters started using launch ramps in the 70s and 80s kickers have been one of the best ramps for skateboarding. Kickers are fun to skate, they’re easy to build and they really don’t cost that much either. as with most backyard skatepark ramps it’s hard to give an exact estimate on how much it costs because it really just depends on the size and the materials used. For example if you use some old wood you found in a dumpster you can basically build one for free.


On the other hand if you build a massive concrete kicker like something that you’d see at a skatepark it can easily cost a few hundred dollars. The cool thing about kickers is that if you get creative when you build it you can end up with a lot more than just a kicker. You can turn the opposite side of it into a wally or add angle iron to the top of it to make a ledge or even turn it into a bumper flat. Kickers can be a great foundation to any backyard skatepark and even if you already have a few ramps it can be worth it to add in a kick or two.

Maual Pads

Manual pads are one of the easiest things you can build to skate and they’re also one of the cheapest. A normal manual pad usually costs around the same or sometimes even less than a ledge. unless you put angle iron on the sides all you really need is a little bit of wood and a few screws. Of course if you want to make a concrete manual pad that’s a completely different story but the majority of people aren’t going to build a concrete manual pad in their backyard.

Regardless, if you go with wood or concrete a decent manual pad isn’t that expensive or hard to build so if you want something to skate at your house it’s at least worth considering. Manual pads are pretty low impact. There’s basically an unlimited amount of manual tricks you can learn and it’s just something simple that you can have fun skating. Anyone who’s tried a manual trick before knows just how long a manual pad can keep you occupied so it’s definitely one of the better obstacles you can build in your backyard.

Flat Bars

If you want to build a backyard skatepark on a low budget you should definitely consider getting a flat bar. Flat bars are a staple at just about every single skatepark so it only makes sense to have one in your backyard. With flat bars you can do grinds you can do slides you can do well yeah basically you can only do grinds and slides but they’re super fun to skate the great thing about flat bars is you can actually buy them online for pretty cheap keep in mind though that a lot of flat bars you buy online are poor quality so make sure you get a good one that’s going to last.

If you want to save money while making sure you still get a good flat bar it’s actually not too hard to have one custom built. All you really need to do is buy some metal and you can have a welding shop make you one in just a few minutes.

If you happen to have a friend or family member that knows how to weld you might even be able to have one made for just the cost of the materials. Flat bars are arguably one of the best obstacles for a backyard skatepark because they really have the best of everything. They’re relatively cheap, they last forever, they’re portable and there are thousands of tricks you can learn on them.

Backyard Skateboard Park Bowls

Aside from building an entire backyard skatepark, a backyard bowl is by far one of the most expensive ramps you can build. with that said it can be a lot cheaper than most people realize it’s not too expensive to buy some quikrete and rent an excavator for the weekend and if you’re willing to put in the time you can have a pretty nice bowl without spending too much money. Think of all the diys out there. Skateboarders build concrete quarter pipes for just a couple hundred dollars all the time so there’s no reason why you can’t do the same in your backyard. It might seem like an unobtainable thing that isn’t possible but you’d be surprised at just how many skateboarders have backyard bowls.

Of course the bigger it is the more expensive it’s going to be but for a basic bowl that isn’t too deep you can build it yourself for a couple thousand dollars. Once it’s built you’ll always have something to skate and you’ll never have to worry about crowded skateparks again. If you want to build a backyard skatepark on a super small budget, finding some miscellaneous obstacles is the way to go.

Things like traffic cones, parking curbs and plastic barriers can all be great options for anyone trying to find something skateable on a low budget. you can find a lot of these things for free and even if you do need to buy them they’re usually super cheap. Sometimes people get so caught up worrying about a massive backyard ramp that they forget how fun it can be to skate some random obstacle.

If you look at some of the most creative skaters, a lot of times they’re skating the simplest things. The point is you don’t always need a ramp that costs thousands of dollars to have fun. Sometimes something simple can be the funnest to skate and you can spend hours playing around on something that a lot of other people wouldn’t even think about.

Now, you definitely shouldn’t go creeping around construction sites looking for things to steal but if you keep an eye out you’d be surprised at just how much skateable stuff gets thrown away that people are willing to give to you for free. Most skateboarders try to skate as much as they can but sometimes it’s tough to do. So building something to skate in your backyard is a great option.

Building an entire backyard skatepark can be pretty expensive but it doesn’t always have to be. Skateboarders are known for getting creative and if you’re resourceful enough you can build an entire backyard park for a relatively small amount of money.


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