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In this article we are going to share with the 12 best skateboarding movies of all time, that all skateboarders need to see if they haven’t already.  If you have seen these 12 classic skateboard movies, I hope you will agree, they are worth seeing again!

Skateboarding, what does it mean to you? Is it a sport, athletics, creativity, competition, or maybe some kind of freedom to break the rules and take risks?  We are sure of one thing: skateboarding is all this, and much slot gacor 2023 more to those of us that embrace the skateboard culture.

Skateboards first appeared in California in the mid-1960s. But later in the mid 80’s it spread across Europe, Asia, North and South America, and today is recognized as a professional sport.

One of the reasons why this sport is the most popular in the world is that people express themselves through it. All you need is a skateboard, no matter if you are overweight, thin, tall, old or young, anyone slot resmi can pracitce and become good at skateboarding.

Skateboarding can be divided into several types of games: The first type is just walking along the shore, the second type is freestyle where there are more techniques, the third type is street skateboarding where more obstacles are involved and the skater should have more skills. The fourth category is performed on ramps and with a long board. You can combine all these categories and practice them at skateboard parks around the world.


When you watch these awesome skatebaord movies you will stard to understand how important three things are to skateboarding perfections. WHEELS, BOARDS, WAX.



A Skateboard has become a modern recreational accessory that is used by all . The standard skateboard has 4 wheels, which are not very ordinary, but made of high quality rubber with different sizes:

Skateboard wheels with a size of 50-53 mm – for smaller skaters, stable for skate parks and slow ride.

·wheel with a larger diameter of 54-59 mm – for beginners but also for heavy skaters to perform more tricks

· larger than 66 mm – for quick sliding and board acrobatics

Skates with a width of 20 cm are suitable for adults, for tall children the ideal width is 17 cm, and for children 15 cm


The length of the board determines their use. Most of them are made of quality plastic, but some of them are made of plywood, which gives additional security.



The skateboard culture provides many different type of lifestyles to many different people You can witness all of these in the skateboard movies that have been made over the years. Movies give us insight into how much the skateboard community arount the world has grown, and how far it has really come.

So let’s get back to our topic The Top 12 Skateboard Movies of All Time. We can recommend the following movies to you:

1.  Gleaming The Cube 1989 (action, drama, mistery)

Director: Graeme Clifford

Writer: Michael Tolkin

Stars: Christian Slater, Steven Bauer, Richard Herd

It is about a teenager who is a skateboarder and leads a life without worries, until his brother dies. The police think it was a suicide but our main character Brian thinks it was a murder and he will prove it with a skateboard.



2.  Dogtown and Z-Boys (2001)

Director: Stacy Peralta

Writers: Stacy Peralta, Craig Stecyk

Stars: Sean Penn, Jay Adams, Tony Alva

It is a group of skateboarders, in the early 70’s when skateboarding was an against culture sport. But these guys had a sensual style and created their own tricks that were new and very different from other skateboarders.


3. Thrashin’ (1986)

Director: David Winters

Writers: Paul Brown, Alan Sacks

Stars: Josh Brolin, Robert Rusler, Pamela Gidley

The main character is skateboarder Corey, a young skater who wants to prove himself in skateboarding, and has his own gang. But as if by accident, he falls in love with the sister of his rival Daggers. The movie follows these two lovers in a series of events.





4. Paranoid Park [2007]

Director: Gus Van Sant

Writers: Gus Van Sant (screenplay), Blake Nelson (novel)

Stars: Gabe Nevins, Daniel Liu, Taylor Momsen

It is a very good drama with a gifted skate skater Alex, who happens to be involved in the death of a security guard while riding a skateboard.


5. Dragonslayer (2011)

Director: Tristan Patterson

Stars: Sid Rocket, Josh ‘Skreech’ Sandoval

It’s about a documentary, for a skate skater named Josh “Skreech” Sandoval in Fullerton, California. He becomes a father and should take responsibility for his family. 


6. Stoked – The Rise and Fall of Gator(2002)

Director: Helen Stickler

Writer: Helen Stickler

Stars: Mark ‘Gator’ Rogowski, Stacy Peralta, Tony Hawk

A documentary film showing the rise and fall of one of the first real skateboarders Mark “Gator” Rogowski. The film was shot in the early 80s before skateboarding became a popular sport.

7. Skate Kitchen (2018)

Director: Crystal Moselle

Writers: Crystal Moselle (story), Crystal Moselle

Stars: Rachelle Vinberg, Dede Lovelace, Nina Moran

The film is something between a documentary and fiction. It is about teenage girls who have their own group and skate together. Kamila joins in later, and discovers what true friendship means.



8. Bones Brigade: An Autobiography (2012)

Director: Stacy Peralta

Stars: Tony Alva, Steve Caballero, Fred Durst

Another interesting documentary with a team of skateboarders who were initially outsiders but later top athletes: Steve Caballero, Tommy Guerrero, Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain and Rodney Mullen.


9. Wassup Rockers (2005)

Director: Larry Clark

Writers: Larry Clark (screenplay), Larry Clark (story)

Stars: Jonathan Velasquez, Francisco Pedrasa, Milton Velasquez

A super drama with a group of Latin American teenagers who skateboard in LA but decide to skate in Beverly Hills. There, they meet rich girls and get into trouble with the police, parents and jealous boys.


10. Grind (2003)

Director: Casey La Scala

Writer: Ralph Sall

Stars: Adam Brody, Joey Kern, Mike Vogel

A beautiful story for four boys who embark on a summer trip hoping to show off their skateboarding skills, get a sponsor, be rich and fulfill their dream.

11. All This Mayhem (2014)

Director: Eddie Martin

Stars: Tas Pappas, Ben Pappas, Tommy Caudill

A movie about two young Australian brothers, skaters Ben and Tas Pappas, who become world champions, but later fail due to drugs resulting in depression, imprisonment and suicide.


12. Deck Dogz (2005)

Director: Steve Pasvolsky

Writer: Steve Pasvolsky

Stars: Sean Kennedy, Richard Wilson, Ho Thi Lu.  Three young skaters in Sydney find out that their hero Tony Hawk will host a competition for professional skating. In order to achieve their ambition, they apply for the competition, but they are followed by many problems with their parents, drugs and the police. 

There you go, 12 great Skateboard Movies that should be on the playlist for all skateboarders. We hope these movies provide you a ton of enjoyment, when you can’t be outside on your board.





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