In this guide we will share with your everything you need to know about learning to skatebord


How to Learn to Skateboard Videos 1 & 2





New to skateboarding? Follow these beginner tips to learn everything you need to know about essential roulette online gear and skateboarding skills.

Beginner Skateboard Gear

The first thing to do is get a pair of good skate shoes. Skating is possible in regular shoes, but it will be a lot harder, and even sicbo sometimes dangerous. Skate shoes are built with a large flat bottom, to better grip the board, and often include other features like reinforcement in areas where the shoe will likely wear down.

Without question the industry standard for skateboard shoes is Vans.

If budget is an issue you can sometimes find Vans skateboard shoes that are like new on eBay. You can click the image sicbo online below to see what Vans shoes are available now and in what styles and sizes.

Second, it’s important to get a helmet. While some skaters do not wear helmets, it is important to do so. In fact, it’s common now for skateparks to require helmets, and just plain smart, especially when first starting out.

Wearing other protective pads can be good too, but what is needed depends on what type of skating will be performed. If  you plan on spending time learning skateboard tricks in the driveway, elbow pads might be a good idea, but only knee pads are needed when skating on a ramp or trying crazy tricks. Wrist braces can be nice, but it is recommended to be careful not to get too used to using hands when falling.

This video will show you how to learn to properly fall when on a skateboard.



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