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Summers are just around the corner, and going out with the friends to ride the skateboard counts as the mandatory summer shenanigans. Since there’s a huge variety for older people to choose skateboard, kids and especially beginners face a tough time while making this choice. No more fishing around the internet when we have all the names that you need to know ready for you.

With no further ado, let’s get started to make your summer more cheery!





Premium pickRimable Skateboard


Best pickMeketec Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard:

Best value- PlayWheels Ultimate Skateboard:






1)  Meketec Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard:

Let us begin with the most practical choice of the time, the Meketec Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard has a 22-inch body with 3.25-inch trucks. Such a spacious body comes very usefully especially for beginners who have a hard time learning skating. This gives them more room to place their feet on and get a better grasp of the tricks. The deck is pretty good at handling the weight as much as 220 pounds, so the falling incidents aren’t that scary anymore.

Then let’s talk about the rolling wheel are bigger than the conventional ones. This innovation is to give more stability to the deck and for the first-timers, this is something quite beneficial at shielding themselves while skating. The wheels have multiple hard layers which are resistant to all the external damage. This lets you use it in the stony paths and if you live in a country, your kids would love it as their favorite summer companion.

The CE Certificate affirms the safety of this skateboard and makes it the best skateboard for kids and beginners. Apart from this, all the advanced skaters can go or it as well as the 6-inch wide deck is phenomenal at making those professional feats smoother than ever. They have installed safety hooks on both sides so for your kids, this can be the optimum opportunity to learn skating without coming across any injury.

In the end, let’s not forget the sensational appearance it has and this is the distinctive feature that makes it unique from all others. This becomes clearer when we look at the two color choices available; the blue flame and the starry sky. At the budget-friendly price, such an exotic color change is sure to impress your kids at school or when they are out with friends.

Key features:

  • 22-inch deck
  • 25-inch trucks
  • 220 pounds weight capacity
  • CE Certificate






2)  Rimable Skateboard:

For this one, we’ll go from bottom to top by first discussing the wheels which are the signature advancement the company has come up with. This skateboard has soft gel wheels that instead of bouncing hard, absorb all the shock and smoothen the ride out.

They have a 60mm diameter that is perfect at rectifying the initial mistakes committed by the beginners. Above all, you can strict the maneuverability of the wheels through the side holders to prevent accidents.

The best is yet to come, you may have come across such skateboards that need batteries to light up. This one gives you more liberty since you get an all glowing skateboard without any battery. You need not charge it for hours as before and it saves them money that otherwise you would have spent on the batteries. The bearings are heavy duty and more resistant to the damage caused by the abrupt shocks. For bumpy roads or stony playgrounds, this is an ideal choice.

The deck measures up to 22 inches that are apt for the beginning attempts. It can carry almost 198 pounds of weight that goes well not only for the 9 years of age but older kids as well. If you want one for yourself, it is just as flawless since you get to adjust the gliding deck after your heart. In case, if you forget to tighten bearings you can still use them by applying a small push. The trucks are quick at responding to any change in direction and this promotes a good speed.

We all have come across such skateboards that look all fine and uptight but as soon as you get over one, it feels shaky. With the double-checked bolts and bearings, this skateboard cancels out this shaking exquisitely.


  • 60mm diameter wheels
  • Additional lights with no batteries needed
  • 22 inches deck
  • 198 pounds weight capacity






3)   PlayWheels Ultimate Skateboard:

This one is rightfully the “ultimate” skateboard for kids and beginners since it has a 28-inch deck that is wide enough to provide maximum balance. It consists of maple wood that can fight all the excessive pressure and if you live in a humid area, you may not afford to miss out on this one. This is because the maple wood is renowned for bearing with all the moisture that humid seasons Slot Gacor bring. You can use it easily in the rainy season without fear of losing the shine.

The PlayWheels skateboard has multiple lamination coatings that protect it from scratches and maintain its first-day appearance. Now coming to the double kicktail design, this innovation would turn out to be the most advantageous especially if you are interested in learning new stunts every day. You need not apply full-body strength, just a little kick and the skateboard deck adjusts itself as per your feet maneuverability.

It also comes with composite trucks and steel axles which is the most distinguished feature up till now. It is for the reason that the duo keeps an eye on maintaining your posture while performing feats and cancels out all the factors that cause misbalancing of the deck. The bearings have such positioning that they can withstand the bumpiest of the rides and need no special stimulus for this. This makes it versatile and best for the maximum age groups.

You can go for it for your 5 years or older child, as it can bear the weight as much as 110 lbs. Let us tell you the most amusing aspect. Instead of going for the bolder color choice, the company has stepped up its game. They have given it a cool Spiderman theme that makes it look chic and gives off fun vibes.

Key features:

  • 28-inch deck
  • Composite trucks
  • Steel axle
  • Double kicktail design




4)  BELEEV Retro Skateboard:

First things first, if you hate assembling the products when they arrive on your doorstep, then this one is probably the best skateboard for kids and beginners. The company has designed it so that when it reaches your threshold, it is ready to be taken out on a beautiful ride. You need not waste your time on the assemblage and your kid can skate on it right away. We suggest that if you are the person who is not good with bolts and nuts, BELEEV can make your life easier.

It has the conventional measurements that are 22 x 6 inches but weighs only 3 pounds. It is the unsurpassed innovation since this much light in weight composition helps in providing the maximum balance and giving you that long-awaited proficiency in your stunts.

The deck is broad surfaced so you have the maximum room to yourself. You can increase/decrease the foot distance as per your demand. Since we know it is the key element when it comes to skating.

It also depicts light-up wheels that look stunning once you start riding it. Instead of putting the lights on batteries, they have done away with all this time-consuming feature. You need not go for charging or replacing the batteries since it doesn’t work this way. The wheels will light up whenever skateboard comes underuse. Moreover, the excessively smooth wheels help in absorbing the bumps that give a hard time to the beginners.

The board is non-slip so you can place your feet firmly on the deck. The signature feature of Superior Shock Absorption helps in overcoming all the hurdles that cause disturbance while riding it.  The concise design lets the kids carry it even in their school bags.

Key features:

  • 22x 6 inches
  • Weighs only 3 pounds
  • Light up wheels
  • No assemblage required




5)  Magneto Maple Deck Skateboard:

Magneto Skateboard is the optimal choice if you are looking for such a skateboard that can support a greater number of age groups. The company has surpassed the conventional dimensions and made it bigger than ever. With this one, you get a 27 inches big deck with 7 inches width. This is nearly perfect to cope with all the clumsiness that we all have as beginners. The giant board surface also lets you stand on your feet firmly and minimizes the slipping incidents.

If this skateboard is bigger than the others, it doesn’t mean that it specifically belongs to the beginners only. The crucial factor for professional skating; the double kicktail design also comes as the main feature of this skateboard. As a beginner, you can have both proficiency and safety precautions go hand in hand with the Magneto skateboard.

The sand grit finish complements the beach view if you plan to use it on a family vacation to the sea. This wooden appearance is remarkable if you aren’t a kid but want something elegant and not loud to start with as a beginner. The maple wood also prevents the damage that humidity brings. When you go out in the rainy season, this would serve as a savior to protect the skateboard from splashes.

Key features:

  • 27 x 7 inches
  • Sand grit finish
  • Best for beach
  • Canadian maple wood





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